WATCH: The boys of Sana Dalawa Ang Puso do the #InMyFeelings dance challenge

Can you keep with their all these hearts?

Leo (Robin Padilla) and Mona (Jodi Sta. Maria) are still keeping up their romantic act for Supapi (Leo Martinez). They were even caught by Mona’s father Ramon (Edgar Mortiz). Luckily, Leo is quick on his feet and came up with a cover up about Supapi forcing Mona to marry someone.

On the other hand, Martin (Richard Yap) and Lisa (Jodi Sta. Maria) have been working well together for the launch of Elizabethan brand. Although, it doesn’t help that Primera (Denise Laurel) is lurking around Martin and that Mona saw them kissing. At least Lisa is bonding with Leo’s family.

Don’t forget the high school drama that Emily (Anna Vicente) is causing Tads (Ylona Garcia). And the serious problem Cocoy (Henz Villaraiz) has which is the reason why he doesn’t stay at home.

Then there are the things that happen off cam. You have to be updated about everything that happens on set whether it’s a scene for an episode or just the cast goofing around like Henz, Markus Paterson and the rest of their gang taking on the #InMyFeelings challenge! If you didn’t know this yet, then make sure to check out this video that Markus uploaded on his Instagram.