6 life lessons we learned from Sana Dalawa ang Puso

Lisa and Mona’s (Jodi Sta. Maria) story is indeed one of a kind. Their tale depicted on Sana Dalawa Ang Puso thrilled us, made us laugh and cry for the past months as it gave us a light yet profound take on the ups and downs of life. It didn’t only entertain us; their story also taught us many life lessons, such as:

1. Treasure Your Parents

Like what they say, treasure your parents because you only have one lifetime to spend with them. Lisa and Mona showed how much they love, respect and honor their parents.

Lisa was a dutiful daughter to her adoptive father Juancho (Christopher De Leon).

Mona, on the other hand, was the sweet loving daughter to her Mangs Lena (Alma Moreno) and her Pangs Ramon (Edgar Mortiz).

In all they went through, they have always honored what their parents told them. When they needed to speak with them even in the midst of confrontations, Lisa and Mona did so respectfully. And by the time they finally were reunited with their real mom Sandra (Irma Adlawan), Lisa and Mona eventually accepted her with gratefulness and all understanding.

2. Value Your Career

Even though they treaded different career paths, both of them showed how much we must value our chosen career. As a businesswoman, Lisa showed passion and diligence in handling the affairs of her company, even if she just emerged from her fitness routines in a gym.

She monitors everything and never gives up on her chosen career despite all the struggles she experienced. Meanwhile, Mona had different kind of jobs. From being a bet collector, a resort staff, a janitress and a secretary, Mona did it all with integrity.

Both Lisa and Mona exemplified that success comes from hard work.

3. Take Some Risks

As what the common proverb says, things happen for a reason. If they both didn’t take the risk of getting to know each other after they accidentally met…

...they would not have connected and become close, helped solve each other’s problems, such as the time when Lisa risked having Mona assume her identity and take care of her personal matters as she focused on seeking help from investors…

…and eventually learned that they are twins.

Lisa and Mona’s story taught us that everyone should take such risks in life. Although the outcome may not be as good as we expect, it will surely all make sense eventually.

4. Fight for Love

Their tale showed how much we should fight for our loved ones, no matter what. We witnessed how Lisa never backed down for Leo (Robin Padilla) even if her father Juancho (Christopher de Leon) opposed their relationship.


Mona, on the other hand, struggled for her parents’ safety as the vicious Mr. Supapi (Leo Martinez) and his men tracked them down.

And even if Mona had a bitter relationship with Martin (Richard Yap) at first, she would still eventually express her sincere love for him whatever it takes.

5. Take a Stand

Lisa and Mona always stood up for what they believe in, whether it pertains to their careers, family or their personal lives. They both always acted on what they think is the right thing to do, such as the time Lisa defended Tads (Ylona Garcia) when they were called to the Principal’s Office over her sister-in-law’s skirmish with a schoolmate.

They don’t easily give up, know how to speak up the right way and don’t keep silent when they saw injustice. Mona would not let Primera’s (Denise Laurel) hostility pass even if it was due to her mistaking her for Lisa, whom she tussled previously.

They both have taught us how to stand up for what is right.

6. Choose to be Happy

Happiness is a choice, as they say. Lisa still loved her father despite all the hurtful things he did to her. She gave him a second chance because she knew that hating her father would only corrupt her. 

Of course, the moment of pure bliss for Lisa came when she “surrendered” herself to the love of her life.

On the other hand, Mona was the girl who never loses hope amidst all the struggles life gives her. She also gave her love story with Martin a second chance, and chose to let herself be happy.

Lisa and Mona knows how to forgive and free themselves from loneliness, pain and hate so they could love freely. They showed us that we should choose happiness in spite of all the harshest realities we face.

Indeed, Lisa and Mona’s story was not just entertaining but definitely inspiring as well. Don’t miss the Heart-2-Heart final episodes of Sana Dalawa Ang Puso, all this week before It’s Showtime!