Mona and Martin’s long, winding, and rough road to forever

Their love story is indeed one of the cutest and, arguably, the most relatable we have ever seen.

A story that started out as a cliché case of unrequited love and tons of chance meetings, Mona Bulalayao (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Martin Co’s (Richard Yap) relationship flourished into something unexpectedly beautiful and amusingly kilig-filled.

As Sana Dalawa Ang Puso approaches its exciting end, let’s take a look back at how MaMon’s (as how their ardent shippers call their tandem) romance bloomed through a few lyrics from Moira dela Torre’s popular hit “Titibo-tibo”, a song from the series’ official soundtrack that would automatically play every time something sweet or thrilling would happen between them.

Hindi ko alam kung anong meron ka na sa akin ay nagpalambot nang bigla / Sino’ng mag-aakalang lalaki pala ang bibihag sa tulad kong tigreng gala

It all began in a cockpit where Mona worked as bet collector and trainer for derby cocks. Sporting a disheveled pixie, muscle tee, and puruntong shorts and behaving like a man, Mona obviously showed how completely boyish she was. Just when we thought that she got a tough heart as well, lo and behold, as her world seemed to spin in slow motion with the sight of Martin walking past her and got distracted from the game she’s supposedly monitoring.

Kahit ako'y titibo-tibo / Puso ko ay titibok-tibok pa rin sa'yo

After that eventful day, our unlikely leading lady wasn’t expecting to see the mystery gent again. But the universe had a different plan as their paths crossed without warning. First, in the outreach program organized by Martin’s company where she was hired as one of the mascots, and second, in the hotel where Martin was checked in and she worked as a chambermaid. However, it was only through “Sharamdara”, his pet rooster who went on the loose and was captured and taken care of Mona, that the gap between them was bridged. From mere strangers, they eventually became friends as Martin always asked for her advice and assistance regarding “Sharamdara”.

Isang halik mo lamang at ako ay tinatablan / At ang aking pagkababae ay nabubuhayan

Unbeknownst to her, their affinity would even get tighter when she coincidentally met her doppleganger Lisa (also played by Jodi Sta. Maria) and she was offered to disguise as her in exchange of a monetary reward. She didn’t know that aside from impersonating Lisa in front of her family and employees, she also had to act as an apathetic fiancée to Martin.

Since she had a huge crush on him, Mona found it difficult to conceal her feelings for him and to act as if she’s uninterested with whatever connection they have and the special treatment bestowed to her by Martin.

But no secrets are meant to last forever. Eventually, he and everyone discovered on their supposed wedding day about the deceptive shenanigan staged by Lisa in order to absolutely break the decade-long deal between their families. This resulted to MaMon’s heartbreaking “breakup”.

Na para bang bulaklak na namumukadkad / Dahil alaga mo sa dilig at katamtamang / Sikat ng araw-araw mong pag-ibig / Sa'king buhay nagpapasarap

After a very long time of not seeing each other, Mona and Martin met once again surprisingly in Tagpuan, where the former worked as one of the caretakers and the latter was on a mission to try acquiring the land where it’s situated for their corporation’s expansion.

Although their first encounter was really awkward, with Martin admitting that he hasn’t moved on yet and Mona kept on begging for his forgiveness from whatever happened to them in the past, everything went well between them afterwards.

Who would forget the time when they went on an unforgettable road trip together, which helped rekindle their friendship (and their romance as well)? Apart from incessantly persuading her to ride on his car going to San Romulo, he also took care of her throughout their trip and apologized for the all the hurtful words he told her before.

As their affection and concern for each other remained in the depths of their hearts, Mona and Martin finally got back to each other’s arms again and sealed the official start of their romance with sweet kisses and exchange of “I love yous”.

Pero di mo naman inasam na ako ay magbagong tuluyan para patunayang / Walang matigas na tinapay sa mainit na kape ng iyong pagmamahal

Of course, problems and challenges are inevitable in every relationship. But amidst everything they’ve gone through, which even led to their cool off, the lovely pair still couldn’t suppress and hide their unwavering love for one another. Proving that was how both of them made sacrifices just to spare each other from further trouble – with Martin catching the bullet Prim (Denise Laurel) aimed at Mona, while Mona choosing to detach from Martin to end his misfortunes.

As she refused to accept his kilig marriage proposal and she beseeched the universe for three signs to determine that they’re indeed made for each other, will there still be a chance for their “One Time Big Time” chance on forever? 

Well, we’re all terribly hopeful as their romance has attested that as long as two people have unbreakable and unconditional love for each other, there’s no need for any one of them to change physically nor their personality. Because a heart that genuinely loves sees beyond what the eyes can behold and can even soften someone who is incredibly tough.

Will it be a happily ever after for MaMon? Let’s find out in the final episodes of Sana Dalawa Ang Puso, all this week before It’s Showtime.