Lena’s moments on Sana Dalawa Ang Puso that remind us of our own moms


It’s a mother’s instinct. Wherever you’re from or whatever your lifestyle is, most mothers seem to share a lot of similar qualities that every child can relate to. From their go to lines during a sermon that we’ve all heard to the usual list of chores they make us do, it’s these moments that fill our childhood. And watching Lena (Alma Moreno) from Sana Dalawa Ang Puso, we can’t help but smile and see our own mothers in her.

She has this unique charisma

Moms are friends with everyone. They’re the ones that usually maintain the good relationships with other relatives and neighbors. When the trio moved out to Manila, it was Lena’s godchild who helped them find a new home. They even got a discount on the rent. According to Leb (Kitkat), she did all of this because Lena was a “petmalung lodi”.




She can be overly friendly

Having friends over is tricky because for some reason our parents think this is the best time to bring up embarrassing stories. Martin (Richard Yap) was all praises for Mona (Jodi Sta Maria) over breakfast, but all Lena could say was “talagang mabait ‘yung anak ko, kaya lang medyo malakas kumain”.




She has a scary side you don’t want to see

There are better gifts than material objects, but our mothers will spoil us. Lena and Ramon (Bobot Mortiz) pawned Mona’s necklace and agreed to pay the money in full within a year. But when Mrs. Dominguez wouldn’t give back the item because of all the supposed good luck it gave her, Lena didn’t hesitate to play dirty. She threatened to reveal Mrs. Dominguez’s infidelity, because she would do anything for her daughter’s necklace.




She cleans everything in her path

Moms always have spare time to tidy up. If they see clutter, they will organize it. Lena was just putting some clothes away in their closet when she saw Roman’s messy bag and immediately took care of it. Unfortunately, it’s instances like these that have led to some misplaced items.





She thinks food will solve anything

Whether you’re hungry or not, mothers will feed you. It’s their way of showing their affection. Mona, as Lisa, only asked for some water to clear her throat but Lena decided to prepare an entire breakfast for them.




She has a weakness too

Family time is very important. Mona and Ramon came home late once and forgot that it was their monthsary which is why they had to face Lena and her scolding. But no mother can resist her family. After some lambing, she softened up and quickly forgave the two.




Mothers have their own way of showing their love to us. And because their love is unconditional, it doesn’t take a lot to show them that we love them back. Understanding them can go a long way. We just have to remember that everything they do is to give us a happy life. We may not always agree, but moms really know what’s best for us.