Release Your Inner Cupid with These Valentine Tips from Mona, Lisa, Leo & Martin of Sana Dalawa Ang Puso


It’s the romantic time of the year again! Cupid will be very busy targetting couple’s hearts that he might forget shooting someone’s heart for you. In that case, you might end up in a sea of singles at a black Valentines party. You don’t know what it means? Well, let Leb explain it to you here.




Now, you don’t want to be that sad and be part of the black Valentines squad right? That’s why we’ve come up some Valentine tips from your favorite Sana Dalawa Ang Puso characters that will help release your inner cupid and make you shoot your significant someone’s (SS) heart straight with the red arrow yourself!


Tip #1 – Know the relationship status of your SS (if he or she is single or taken) before going to cupid mode, in any way possible. Learn that from the tree mascot Mona.



Tip #2 – Once you confirmed that your SS is single, time to fix yourself. And make your love interest your inspiration while doing that, like how Martin inspires Mona!



Tip #3 – Now, if you and your love target are already going to go out for, let’s say, a dinner date, you gotta have that confidence like Martin’s, especially if you have a date like Lisa.



NOTE: if the dinner date was successful, proceed to the next 4 tips. If not, still proceed. Kapit lang, bes!


Tip #4 – After meeting each other, think of some cute nicknames for your boo. Oops, you can’t use the Boss Ma’am anymore! That’s how Leo calls Lisa, if you must know.




Tip #5 – Don’t forget to take a picture of your significant someone. Stare at him or her like how Leo looks at Lisa’s photo with love!




Tip #6 – And the next time you go out with your SS, don’t forget to introduce him or her to your family! That’s definitely plus pogi/ganda points!




Tip #7 – To finally shoot the heart of your SS, make a kilig ninja move that will make you remember that moment! Like this one!




Let us know if your cupid heart hunting is successful using these tips. Or you can watch more episodes of Sana Dalawa Ang Puso to get more kilig ideas!