Kapamilya Poll: Netizens want Martin and Lisa to end up together

Sana Dalawa ang Puso has become a household name – earning a remarkable spot in Philippine television since its pilot on January 29.  With its versatile lead stars, and unique story, audiences could not help but be more excited about the upcoming episodes.

Jodi Sta. Maria plays two roles – Mona and Lisa, Martin is portrayed by Richard Yap, while Robin Padilla takes the role of Leo. As an agreement to pursue their families’ business interest, Lisa and Martin were to tie the knot. Hesitant to push through with the wedding, Lisa planned to look for an investor to save Laureano Group of Companies, and asked Mona to pretend as her while she is gone. Her chase for an investor put her into so much trouble, but Leo saved her – to whom she fell in love with afterwards.

The previous episodes introduced the handsome and kind-hearted Martin, and Mona can’t help but fall in love with him. As he has always been, Martin fell in love more with Lisa, without him knowing that it was not Lisa who he was spending time with, but rather Mona. On their wedding day, Martin discovered the truth about Lisa’s plans. Feeling betrayed, Martin came back to his old self and anger even led him to be involved in a car accident. After 4 months, Mona and Martin crossed paths again.

The recent turn of events made viewers more invested in the story and the characters. We recently published a Kapamilya Poll to gauge audiences’ opinion on Lisa-Martin-Mona love triangle. 51.96% of viewers look forward to Martin choosing Lisa over Mona because he has loved Lisa since then, while 48.04% of respondents support the Martin-Mona tandem because Mona has the sincerest love for Martin despite her pretending to be Lisa.

Will Martin and Lisa rekindle their relationship, or will Martin move to forever with Mona? Stay tuned as Martin rebuilds his broken heart in Sana Dalawa Ang Puso!