Kapamilya Confessions with Kiara Takahashi and Ian Pangilinan

When asked who he wants to pair up with to be a love team, Ian Pangilinan easily decided on Kiara Takahashi. “Kaya kong ipaglaban na she is really such a wonder person,” he explained. They already worked together on the musical adaptation of Tabing Ilog. On top of this, they starred in the Sagutan episode Hanggang Dito Na Lang Ba.”. Now, they are sharing their experience in this Kapamilya Confessions exclusive!

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Shooting Sagutan was tricky because they had to be resourceful. Kiara was the star and camera operator. She filmed her part using her phone. So, she had to borrow her father’s phone to use as a prop. “Dahil sa number of times na we’ve worked together, hindi masyadong nagiging hadlang ‘yung hindi kami face to face,” Ian continued. It also helped that director Joshue Isaac Dizon was guiding them through video chat.

Admittedly, both of them have asked themselves the same question, “Hanggang dito na lang ba?” Ian believes that there are parts in every person that can’t be changed. Sometimes a relationship can survive this. Sometimes, however, this leads to constant conflict. If you are in a long-distance relationship, Kiara and Ian have some advice. Of course, trust and understanding are important. These are trying times, so you should focus on how to make your partner happy.

After everything, Kiara does not feel happy with what is happening in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic is only one thing. Unfortunately, we can’t control everything, not to mention the future is unsure. Still, she believes that we need to remain hopeful. “Hindi happy pero more on trying to be positive and trying to spread positivity,” she added.

When it is safe to travel, Kiara hopes to visit Japan. Her mother and sister are there, so it is her second home. On the other hand, Ian wishes to see Palawan. After months inside his house, he wants to feel the sun and fresh air.

Kiara Takahashi and Ian Pangilinan also talked about their home workouts, food and more in this Kapamilya Confessions episode!