Angela Tungol and Lance Carr share the two sides in a struggling relationship for Sagutan' “Kapit, Bitaw”

There comes a point in every struggling relationship when a person is faced with making an important decision. Will you stay and fight or give up and let go? In episode two of Sagutan, “Kapit, Bitaw”, Angela Tungol and Lance Carr stand at this crossroad as Dianne and Mike.

We join the couple after a serious fight. They exchanged text messages, but eventually stopped replying to one another. Now, they are sitting alone with their thoughts. Their stance is clear. Mike wants to resolve the problem. He believes they can work it out and considers calling her. “Kung bibigyan niya lang ako ng pagkakataon, ipaparamdam ko sa kanya na mahal na mahal ko siya.” On the other hand, Dianne believes they need some time apart. She is not ready to talk to him. “Naubos niya na lahat ng pagkakataon. Nagmanhid na yata ko dahil sa kanya.”

Looking at their three years together, the two can’t help but notice the flaws. She gets jealous easily. He spends more time with friends. She needs to open up more. “Bakit kasi ayaw niya na lang diretsuhin?” he wondered. He needs to pay attention more. “Kailangan ba sasabihin ko lahat?” she questioned.

As they wait for the other person to reach out first, there is a change of heart. Dianne does not want to give up, “Hindi ito ang panahon para tapusin namin ‘to.” Mike is considering letting go, “Panahon na yata ‘to para bitawan ko na ‘to.” In the end, they both agree, “Alam mo dapat kung kailan ka na bibitaw.” But it seems they plan to go down different paths.

“Kapit, Bitaw” was directed by Andrea Arais and written by Job Timbalopez. If you have not seen “Hanggang Dito Na Lang Ba?” starring Kiara Takashi and Ian Pangilinan, check out the first episode of “Sagutan” on OKS.abs-cbn.com.