Rise Here Right Now | Charlie, pangarap na bumida sa mga koreanovela

Metro Manila Film Festival 2020 Best Actress Charlie Dizon and “He’s Into Her” star Belle Mariano enthusiastically reminisced their memorable moments while taping their digital blockbuster “Four Sisters Before the Wedding” in this episode of “Rise Here, Right Now” on FYE Channel’s Kumu account

Charlie said she always dreams to play a complex “bida-kontrabida” role that should showcase her versatility and range as an actress. She also shared that she wants to star in a movie or teleserye that has a Korean drama peg or do a remake of a successful Kdrama series. She revealed her fondness for popular K-Drama titles and said Belle’s upcoming drama “He’s Into Her” has the K-Drama feels she also wants to star in.  

A fan would ask them if they are still communicating with Alexa and Gillian after “Four Sisters Before the Wedding.” Charlie and Belle exclaimed that they didn’t stop communicating with each other. They reminisced about their bonding moments during the taping days, such as taking home birthday pictures, bracelets and necklaces they used when they portrayed their characters.  

Charlie mentioned that she does the same for her other movies, taking home the uniform and accessories that she wore in her breakthrough film, “Fan Girl.” The two were then asked how it feels to receive so many blessings. Before “Fan Girl” and “Four Sisters Before the Wedding,” Charlie was able to become part of successful teleseryes, including Bagani, Parasite Island, and A Soldier’s Heart. The rising actress said that she feels very blessed and fortunate to have continuous work despite the pandemic. Belle then said that if you really enjoy your work, it won’t really feel like work at all. 

Watch more of the lively, engaging episode of “Rise Here, Right Now” with Charlie Dizon and Belle Mariano in this video. 

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