Beauty Gonzalez’s dramatic transformation from Tessa to Teri on Pusong Ligaw


But what lies underneath the stylish frocks she donned are the bruises she got from her abusive husband. Thus, in order to protect herself, Rafa persuaded her to learn self-defense techniques.



She may not be a kick-boxing pro yet, but Teri proved that she’s now a bolder and fiercer version of herself when she faced Jaime courageously and enumerated all her conditions before going back to their house. Wasn’t it obvious in her all red office attire?



Although bombarded with a string of problems, including her issue with “son” Leon (Albie Casiño), Teri taught us to face those in style.



With her timeless beauty and ability to carry herself well regardless of her get-up, it’s really difficult to take someone’s eyes (heart) at her. After so many years, her former flame Caloy (Joem Bascon) is still in love with her.



Thankfully, Caloy was there to assist her in her search for Rafa and to take good care of her as well.



Despite living a simple life now in a rural area with her sons, Teri’s glow never faded and she looked happier in tending a smaller handicrafts business.



After her separation from Jaime, it seemed that she came full circle for she went back to the peaceful and simple life she once had before setting her foot in Manila.



Simple life means simple style. But the incomparable bliss brought to her by the presence of the small family she formed with Caloy and their children definitely unleashes her beauty no matter what she dons.



As Teri tries to live a new life away from the limelight and Jaime, Marga’s obsession with Caloy drags her down. But she is courageous and resilient enough to face her no matter what.

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