PAANDAR 2017: Most intense, fiercest clashes on Pusong Ligaw

Since it began airing in April 2017, Pusong Ligaw has soared into one of the most compelling dramas on the Kapamilya network. Despite having a classic storyline chronicling how two best friends were torn by the love they share for one man and their never-ending struggle to prove who’s better and worthier, we are all held in awe by how the gripping narrative and heart-stopping confrontation scenes were presented.

These rambulan scenes were the talk of the town as they showed intense and riveting portrayals of lead characters Tessa/Teri (Beauty Gonzales) and Marga (Bianca King) locked in serious face-offs and physical clashes throughout the series.

Here are some of those best skirmishes we’ve seen:

Intense face-off

Seeing Vida kneeling in front of Tessa immediately got Marga agitated as it looked like her daughter was being enslaved. Just when we thought that she attacked her frenemy and pushed her down the stairs, the scene was all in her mind.

Instead, she just confronted Tessa and told her not to include Vida in their strife and stressed that she only married Jaime Laurel (Raymond Bagatsing) because of money.

In your face

The bruises she got from Jaime’s painful punches could be hidden by concealer, but her fury towards Marga’s hurtful remarks (she even called her “flirtatious hypocrite”) and pointless accusations was at the brim. Thus, she shouted right on her face with all her might.

Double rumble

It was indeed a double rumble as Vida’s debate with fellow intern Kayla (Cora Waddell) over the designs of the gowns showcased in the event also sparked her mom’s rage against their mentor Teri. A catfight ensued, of course.

Teri defends Vida

Being a doting mother to Rafa (Enzo Pineda), Tessa found it difficult to tolerate Marga’s harsh treatment towards her unica hija (who later on became Rafa’s girlfriend). So she warned her not to harm Vida or else she wouldn’t hesitate to fight her again. It’s a no brainer why Vida chose Tessa over her mom.

Marga burns Teri’s collections

Marga’s wickedness amplified to a higher level when she eventually got full control of their company. She commanded all the contents of Teri’s boutique be pulled out without her consent and even burned a few of her collections in front of her. What a fiery move indeed!

Boxing match

The two mortal nemeses put their catfight up a notch as they veered away from the typical slaps and throwing of water and proceeded to a boxing match when they incidentally had the same time and venue of training.

“Ganyan talaga ang mga kontrabida”

It pretty tough for Marga and Teri to segregate their personal spat from mere business because their every meeting wouldn’t conclude without their exchange of snide remarks and witty tirades against one another.

Tessa has had enough of Marga’s vile words

Every time that she sees her husband and former friend together, Marga just spews vile words. Just like the moment she saw them sitting beside Elmo (Marga and Caloy’s son) who was then rushed to the hospital. She charged Tessa of not being contented of taking away Caloy from him, but her whole family as well. Of course, Tessa won’t take it sitting down.

Muddy battle

This could be the most painful moment for Marga. She didn’t mind the heavy downpour in pursuit of redeeming her family who got away from her, but fully lost them instead after she hurt Tessa again by pushing her to a muddy quagmire.

Making a scene

Our damsel in distress’ wrath really chooses no time and place. During the burial of Teri’s mother Aling Rowena (Maureen Mauricio), Marga strutted in red revealing jumpsuit and uttered piercing words against her perennial rival. Certainly, Teri fought back and pleaded her to stop her wicked acts.

Painful truth

Teri slapped Marga not by her hands, but of the painful truth that Caloy still loves her and she’s starting to love him once more. That’s our girl!

Pushed to the limits

Oops, Marga did it again! After disrespecting Aling Rowena, our mighty antagonist came back to Teri during Rafa’s wake and told her that maybe it was bad karma. She even gifted her a framed solo photo which she can use on her own wake.

Since her patience was pushed to the limits, Teri retaliated pushing Marga to leave.

Their confrontations have become great teleserye fare among viewers who can’t get enough of Teri and Marga’s endless bickerings and battles. How will these heated raging encounters reach its climax? Find out in the last few weeks of Pusong Ligaw after Tawag ng Tanghalan on It’s Showtime on Kapamilya Gold.