5 reasons why we all look forward to Pusong Ligaw

After a gripping series that touched our hearts to the core, The Greatest Love, comes yet another teleserye that will again make our afternoon viewing worthwhile.

It is the much-anticipated Pusong Ligaw.

Why is it so special? It’s because the series is groundbreaking, especially for the cast members, who will portray their biggest roles ever as actors; a motivation that will surely draw their best-ever acting performances, delighting viewers all over the world.

What are these milestones that will truly make Pusong Ligaw a compelling drama we will all look forward to? Here are five of them:

1) Beauty Gonzalez’s dramatic turn

5 reasons why we all look forward to Pusong Ligaw 1

We all are familiar with her light and bubbly nature since she first took the limelight on PBB Teen Edition Plus. Since then she appeared on various teleseryes as either the supportive best friend or loving wife. But we will all see a different Beauty Gonzalez on Pusong Ligaw, wherein she will portray her first major dramatic role, a centerpiece figure in the story. With all the snippets we see on trailers of the show, Beauty will definitely move us with her haunting performance, which she said was inspired by her giving birth to her first child.

2) Bianca King’s first Kapamilya teleserye

5 reasons why we all look forward to Pusong Ligaw 2

We all know Bianca King as the snobbish, feisty mestiza antagonist who gives the simple morena looking heroine a hard time in her dramas on other networks. But in her first teleseryeon ABS-CBN, Bianca will certainly not fall to a stereotypical role as before. She will soon portray a genuine, multi-dimensional character that people will relate to and not merely reject as a “kontrabida.” In fact, Bianca said, she had exhibited her most intense dramatic acting chops in Pusong Ligaw.

3) Joem Bascon’s first lead teleserye role

5 reasons why we all look forward to Pusong Ligaw 3

Joem Bascon is always the impressive supporting actor in depicting characters that provide depth and meaning to teleseryes and movies. In Pusong Ligaw, we will first see Joemplay a leading role in recognition for the wide acclaim he receives out of his riveting performances. As a major character in the teleserye’s story, Joem will surely make more people notice his prowess even more.

4) Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga’s first teleserye as a love team

5 reasons why we all look forward to Pusong Ligaw 4

With their electrifying onscreen chemistry proven in previous appearances on teleseryes and drama anthologies, Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga’s pairing as a love team has now reached its breakthrough, appearing together for the first time in a major teleserye. Viewers will definitely expect sparks to fly and unbridled kilig moments to captivate viewers.

5) Enzo Pineda’s biggest showbiz project

5 reasons why we all look forward to Pusong Ligaw 5

Since being discovered in a reality based talent competition, Enzo Pineda has been craving for that big opportunity to showcase his acting. That chance has arrived with PusongLigaw, the biggest project in his career so far being one of the lead characters in this major teleserye. With his thespic promise and dashing looks, Pusong Ligaw has begun to create a clear path for him to become an accomplished actor and a matinee idol.

With its awesome production value, captivating story, and relatively new faces set to scintillate our afternoon viewing, Pusong Ligaw is definitely the TV drama to watch—starting Monday, April 24, on Kapamilya Gold.