15 Shades of Marga: Bianca King as an extraordinary kontrabida on Pusong Ligaw- Part 2



Now that she’s the new queen of House of Teri, she feels entitled to do everything she wants, just like parking her car to wherever she wants. But our competitive protagonist wouldn’t let her do it by incessantly honking her car’s horn and reminding her that she’s not in an awards night show.



In trying to conceal their dispute from the public eye, Marga greeted Teri during an event by calling her “best friend” and praising her daring red jumpsuit which has the same hue as her body-hugging gown.



Overshadowed by Teri’s enormous success, Marga attempted to make herself appear more brilliant in front of the guests during an event by claiming that the “Teri-Vida” collection is her idea.



However, what most of us miss to see is how Marga shows she is an endearing woman. Beneath the tough persona she often brandishes lies a loving and thoughtful wife to Caloy.



Thus, we really can’t blame Marga if she scorns Teri so much and fight for the love of her life even though it would take a toll on her.



Since her frenemy has gone back to her simple life, Marga saw this as a great opportunity to relentlessly mock her…



…and even belittle Teri right on her territory. But our stern heroine is brave enough to face her and slap her back to reality.


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