15 Shades of Marga: Bianca King as an extraordinary kontrabida on Pusong Ligaw

In teleseryes and movies, we typically adore the morally upright protagonists. However, there are also instances that we also have a soft spot for those kontrabidas or antagonists who, despite “triggering” us with their misdeeds, make us also understand what they are going through.


And one of them is Pusong Ligaw’s very own Marga Verdadero, which is effectively portrayed by seasoned actress Bianca King. She really did a great job in making her bestie-turned-enemy Teri Laurel’s (Beauty Gonzalez) life miserable through her evil schemes and piercing words.


As the well-loved soap opera is on its final week, let’s take a look back on the most remarkable moments of our not-so-ordinary kontrabida.



A 19-year-old barrio muse then, Marga tried her luck in joining various beauty pageants in her pursuit of becoming a supermodel and marrying a wealthy and handsome man such as Jaime Laurel (Raymond Bagatsing). Here she is, trying to get everyone’s sympathy through her melodramatic story.



After so many years of not seeing each other, she met her ex-best friend for the first time again. In her attempt to upset and bring down Teri, she even pretends to get along with her.



She’s nice to everyone who’s good to her, but for those who agitate her, she could be your worst enemy. Case in point: Ximena (Loren Burgos).



Marga might be tough on the outside, but she’s a possessive and extremely jealous lover within. Her obsession for Caloy (Joem Bascon) has taken over her entire being as she accused Teri of flirting with her partner.



In pursuit of thoroughly destroying her rival’s reputation, she aired out an exaggerated version of the chaotic scene during House of Teri’s launch, accusing Teri of stealing her daughter Vida’s (Sofia Andres) designs.



Marga always loves to play the victim, even if she’s actually the aggressor. After being the first one to hurt her daughter Vida (Sofia Andres) and Teri, she immediately cried and ran towards Caloy upon seeing him.



To heighten her nemesis’ fury, Marga bought her couture house and burned some of her creations. She did that as well to introduce herself as the ruthless Marga Verdadero.



Like what the title suggests, she is indeed not the typical and predictable kontrabida we see in dramas and flicks. For her, slapping, splashing water, and pulling of hair are so outdated, because she’s ready to put their catfight on a more intense level. And that is through a boxing match.

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