Marga and Teri’s relentless fight to win Caloy’s heart on Pusong Ligaw

Marga and Teri s relentless fight to win Caloy s heart on Pusong Ligaw 1


Now that the afternoon soap opera we dutifully watched since April 2017 has reached its finale, let’s reminisce how the tempest started—when jealousy, bitterness, and treachery engulfed three main characters in the story—Tessa/Teri (Beauty Gonzales), Marga (Bianca King) and Caloy (Joem Bascon). This led to Tessa/Teri and Marga’s relentless face-offs and catfights all to prove who is deserving of Caloy’s attention and endearment.


Caloy and Tessa’s love story commenced with an accident and tumultuous fight over of broken eggs and a piglet ran over by a jeepney when they unintentionally bumped into each other at a market in Baguio City.


Despite their rough start, they developed a romantic connection. However, someone was not happy with this union – Marga, Tessa’s best friend and Caloy’s former apple of the eye.


Unbeknownst to them, the delight painted onto their friend’s face on that day they revealed their relationship was fake. She was actually jealous and remorseful.


Just when our main protagonist thought that everything’s well among them, Tessa discovered the mind-blowing and heart-shattering secret – her boyfriend and best friend had an affair.


Many years had passed, the three of them treaded on different paths and were living their dreams. Coincidentally, Caloy reappeared in Marga’s life again at the right time when she was horribly troubled.


Since it was their first to meet again, Caloy invited Marga and her Tita Asya (Shalala Reyes) to dine out and have some catching-up.


That date was succeeded by another one, but this time, no chaperon. Caloy and Marga had their alone time, slow dancing to the spellbinding music, which possibly helped in rekindling their rebuffed romance.


Tessa (now known as Teri) and Caloy’s encounter for the first time after ages was deja vu! Like the way they met in the past, the former accidentally bumped the latter who’s holding dozens of eggs in his arms and got those cracked open.


Recounting all their memories, especially the painful ones, seemed to be still fresh in their minds and hearts, making it hard for the ex-couple to contain their emotions. Caloy tearfully explained and apologized for his misdeed, but Teri told him that it was no need because she already forgave him.


Now that he’s free from the emotions inflicted by Teri which he kept for so long, Caloy finally confessed his feelings for Marga and assured her that everything’s fine and real that time through a passionate kiss.


To mark their first month as an official couple, Caloy gave Marga a pair of posh earrings and spent a very intimate moment together after their date.


Teri’s poignant meeting with Caloy was succeeded by another one. This time, their emotions were lighter as Caloy took her to the rehabilitation center he supports and they agreed that it would be their last time to see each other just for Jaime (Raymond Bagatsing) to stop hurting Teri.


Although Caloy’s been at her side no matter what, Marga was not secure of their relationship. Thus, she proposed a marriage that shocked him. They argued about the idea, with Caloy reminding her that albeit not being too verbally expressive with his affections, Marga should never doubt it.


And the moment Marga have been waiting for finally happened. She was extremely overjoyed now that they got married even though it wasn’t the matrimonial ceremony she’s been pining for.


Now that their narrative have gone chaotic because of Jaime’s insanity and obsession, Caloy and Teri had the chance to share their realizations about their plight.


Everything might have changed for them, but their feelings for each other didn’t. This scene could be a hint of their rekindling flame.


After suppressing their feelings for a very long time, Caloy and Teri finally confessed that they still love each other and that didn’t falter.

Watch the much-awaited finale of Pusong Ligaw on Friday, January 12, right after It’s Showtime.