7 most epic catfights of Tessa and Marga on Pusong Ligaw


The daytime soap opera we devotedly watched for almost nine months is now on its final week.


In the previous year, we followed the story of two best friends turned worst foes Teri Laurel (Beauty Gonzalez) and Marga Verdadero (Bianca King) and how their nasty bickering got their families involved and resulted to tragic ordeals.


Before Pusong Ligaw comes to an end, let’s take a look back on the two’s most ferocious clashes that made our afternoon viewing habit more exciting.


The fiery meeting



It was a war at first sight for the former besties. Seeing each other for the first time after their unpleasant separation years ago, Teri and Marga were able to keep their cool and class during their conversation. Although they didn’t quarrel, their sarcasm was enough to enkindle their strife.


A mother’s fury



Witnessing her unica hija Vida (Sofia Andres) kneeling infront of Tessa enraged Marga, thus she imagined hurting her so badly. But that was only a figment of her imagination and a scorching exchange of emotional outburst and snide remarks ensued instead, with Tessa recounting her misdeeds.


The double rumble



Initially, it was Vida and fellow intern Kayla (Cora Waddell) who were having a dispute over the designs allegedly stolen by the latter. The scene got bigger when the two lead characters butted in, resulting in a double squabble.


Battle of two moms



As a doting mother to Rafa (Enzo Pineda), Teri couldn’t help but mind how Marga severely hurt Vida, thus she intervened and retaliated for the poor girl.


The boxing match



The mortal nemeses put catfight to a higher notch. Veering away from the classic pulling of hair, throwing water, and intense slaps that we observe on dramas, they decided to bring their feud to the boxing ring.


One muddy fight



The heavy rain did not help in cooling down the furious Marga as her eagerness to regain her own family from Tessa. However, it contributed in terribly hurting her archrival. Just when she thought that she could win back Caloy’s (Joem Bascon) affection, Marga was absolutely wrong.


The hospital bout



Their spat indeed chooses no time and place. It seems that our very aggressive antagonist is always ready to fight whenever and wherever she sees Teri, such as this attention-grabbing hospital scene.


Will there be chance for Marga and Tessa to rekindle their friendship? Let’s find out in the remaining episodes of Pusong Ligaw after It’s Showtime on Kapamilya Gold.