Potpot and Rafa's journey to winning Vida's heart on Pusong Ligaw



From their first date, it was succeeded by a more intimate and grandiose one wherein Rafa finally expressed all his feelings for Vida that he'd been keeping for a very long time and asked her consent to court her.



However, someone seemed not delighted for this news -- Potpot. He tried to conceal the pain he felt by telling his friend-slash-crush that he's happy for her.



Their situation might be very uncomfortable for Vida, but Rafa shrugged it off and even told their officemates that he was wooing her.



Just when everything's getting better between the three of them, Potpot uexpectedly confessed his feelings to our main girl. And the entire moment was entirely caught by Rafa!



After that awkward scene, Potpot immediately started showing off his affection towards Vida. Instead of giving her fancy gifts nor taking her to nice restaurants, he cooked breakfast.



Being a rose between two thorns was certainly taxing. Since she already developed mutual feelings with her dorm mate, Vida told her boss Rafa to stop courting her. But he refused, telling her to give him a chance to prove himself further.



And the fight for Vida's heart and highly coveted "yes" began! The two young men kicked off their one-upmanship game by impressing their muse.



With all the changes and circumstances that happened in their lives, their paths parted.

After a very long time, Rafa and Vida saw each other again coincidentally when they rode the same jeepney. But the latter hurriedly left.



"I loved you first". That's what Rafa reminded Vida now that they had the chance to continue their rebuffed romance after Potpot left.



Everything's doing great for them, however, Potpot suddenly reappeared and expressed his intention to reclaim Vida by winning her heart once more.