Potpot and Rafa's journey to winning Vida's heart on Pusong Ligaw

Potpot and Rafa s journey to winning Vida s heart on Pusong Ligaw  1


The exciting love triangle of Potpot (Diego Loyzaga), Vida (Sofia Andres), and Rafa (Enzo Pineda) served as a breather to the scorching scenes and incessant bickering of Marga (Bianca King) and Teri (Beauty Gonzalez) in the afternoon drama Pusong Ligaw.


Now that the classic story has reached its finale, let's reminisce the trio's kilig moments which made it hard also for us to choose between Potpot and Rafa.



A famous pop song says, “(a) club isn’t the best place to find a lover”. But in Rafa’s case, it was. He met Vida in his friend’s club where she worked as a part-time bartender and waitress. It was a fight at first sight for them.



Unlike her first encounter with Rafa, sparks flew instantly between her and Potpot. That momentous meeting turned out to be a sign of an exciting romance that was yet to unfold then.



Potpot's prayer could be so reverberating that God immediately granted his wish. After a few days, their paths crossed again when he repaired the electrical wirings in the pub where she worked. And that meeting cost Vida her part-time job.



After she got fired, Vida went back to the club not as an employee, but a customer. However, her former boss reprimanded and told her to leave. Gratefully, Rafa was there to the rescue.



Our damsel was absolutely in distress! Because of her severe drunkenness, she wasn't able to realize that she entered at Potpot's room.



Adding to her stress was Rafa, who seemed to give hints that he had fallen head over heels for her, as he invited her to come with him in an R & R (rest and relaxation) weekend escapade.



It is said that some people only get to be honest and courageous when they're drunk. Well, this was what happened to Potpot when he finally confessed his true feelings for her. Disappointingly, he forgot about it when he got sober.



Rafa had an emergency! And the first one he called: Vida. Just when she thought that something bad happened, he later on revealed that it was just his way of inviting her to be his date. He even handed her the never-before-scene posh dress designed by his mom.


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