5 signs Rafa is falling in love with Vida

They say that love is the most powerful magic of all. It has the ability to transform and change people for the better. In the daytime drama series Pusong Ligaw, Rafa (Enzo Pineda) used to be an ill-tempered and brash young man, but because of Vida (Sofia Andres), he is slowly becoming a better version of himself. Today, let us look back at some of their scenes that gave viewers kilig vibes as we list down the 5 signs that Rafa is slowly falling in love with Vida.

1. He protects her from other people.

When the rude manager insulted Vida and told her to leave the bar, Rafa defended her and informed the manager that if he didn’t want to lose his job, he shouldn’t treat her that way.

2. He makes sure that she is safe.

After spending time together at the bar, Rafa decided to drive Vida to her boarding house because she was very drunk and couldn’t go home on her own.

3. He always wants to be with her.

Even though they always see each other at work, Rafa asked Vida out to join him relax and unwind for the weekend. When she asked him why he’s asking her and not his friends, he replied “ikaw lang ‘yung gusto kong makasama, hindi sila.”

4. He always checks up on her.

After Vida’s incident with her mom, Marga (Bianca King), Rafa asked her if she was all right. Aside from checking her wound, he also tried to make her laugh and smile so she would feel better.

5. He feels jealous when she was with someone else.

While Rafa was out with his friends, one of them showed him a video of Vida and Nathan (Marco Gumabao) partying together. When he went home, he felt bothered as he also remembered the time when Potpot (Diego Loyzaga) picked her up from their office.

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