“Patience pays off”: Bianca King gets role she always wanted in “Pusong Ligaw”

Looking at Bianca King in person, you would immediately know why she had found a career in show business.
She has the stunning look, beguiling personality, and of course the well-sculpted mestiza features that register well on camera. But more than that, Bianca had the natural acting talent that either impressed or bewitched those who watch her.

However, years before she got her first TV role in a teen-oriented afternoon drama, Bianca said being in showbiz was farthest from her mind.

Showbiz not an option

“I grew up with very protective parents. I was always with them. I traveled with them. I went to good schools. Tutok talaga sila saakin. And showbiz was not an option,” Bianca revealed to ABS-CBN.com in an exclusive interview.

But during those times, her look was just too captivating to ignore, especially in the advertising business. And appearing in TV commercials was something she enjoyed a lot.

“My parents just allowed me to do commercials kasi nakita nilayun talaga ang gusto ko,” she said.
How did she first have an inclination to try her luck in showbiz? By being a fan of local TV shows. 

“I loved local TV period. I watched a lot of TV growing up. I watched all the local teen shows. I watched That’sEntertainment. I always dreamed of appearing on TV. So when I got discovered to do commercials, my parents were very supportive of me. But they’d always go back and say you have to stay in school, you have to stay in school. You can do whatever you want basta stay in school,” Bianca noted.

Turning point

A turning point came when she entered college. 
“So I did a year of college. During my summer vacation, after that one year of college, I was discovered by my first showbiz manager, Arnold Vegafria. So kind of plucked me out of the commercial world and then asked me if I want to join showbiz.”

Her response was a no-brainer. Now it’s like, “Of course!” 
Bianca’s succeeding strides in show business seemed nothing short of phenomenal.
“So he (Arnold) had me audition in Click! And within two weeks, I started taping. And within that two month period, I started taping for Mulawin as well,” Bianca said. “(Since then) I didn’t stop na. Tapos straight na. I didn’t go back to school anymore. I stopped for two years. And eventually went back when I was 20.”


While Bianca was able to realize her dream of entering showbiz, something troubled her—she was being typecast into a specific kind of role.

“It was very difficult for me when I started. Because parang na-typecast ako sa English-speaking na mestiza so lahat ng roles nabinibigay sa akin, puro mga kontrabida, suplada. Basically, yungnagpapahirap sa buhay ng may natural Filipina look.”

That eventually led to another crisis—people misconstruing that her roles resonate her real self.
“So that whole typecast kind of gave me a hard time with my personal persona, my non-TV persona. Because people will always associate it with those types of roles. Akala nila I was like that in real life.”
Bianca said she struggled with the reality that producers only wanted purely antagonist portrayals. And this even led to a “personal crisis.”

“And I did kontrabida roles for seven years. So it was difficult for me to break out of that, to show people who I really was off cam. (They didn’t know) I was quite down to earth, easy to get along with. The only difference was that, yun nga, I’m half-white and people hear me speaking English na akala nilamahirap akong pakisamahan. So it was definitely very hard for me to break out of that boundary and to be really accepted for who I was but it happened eventually.”


Did Bianca consider leaving showbiz?

“Siguro nung napagod na ako maging kontrabida kasi yungbinibigay sa akin na roles sobrang hirap, from the kontrabidaroles in fantasy, naging syokoy pa ako, naging evil queen pa ako, tapos kontrabida ako to the biggest leads, from Marian (Rivera) to Angel (Locsin). So I admit there was a time I got a little bit tired na.”
Bianca even ended up praying to the heavens for that big break in her career.

“I was really praying to God like, ‘God please give me the chance to do something else.’ I want to show people that I can act a different way also on cam,” she said.

But even she had been so frustrated and demoralized, Bianca said her passion and love for the job kept her going.

“So I guess, because I’m really passionate about the job, I loved appearing on camera, I loved playing different roles, so that’s what kept me going. My mindset at 20-21 years old was that if I just keep on accepting what they give me and doing well in the roles that they give me, maybe they’ll see that there’s something else in me and that they’ll trust me with a different type of role eventually.”

Wish came true

And that wish came true, her prayers answered. After five years of juggling school and bit roles in TV dramas, including a two-year absence from teleseryes, she finally got the breakthrough role she always wanted—the role of Marga in Pusong Ligaw, premiering on Monday, April 24, on Kapamilya Gold.

“And it came. So patience pays off,” Bianca said. “Being with ABS-CBN in general is a huge thing for me. Because, again, I worked in all the stations. I feel like being in ABS-CBN is like the culmination of all of that.”

Biggest milestone

Bianca said Pusong Ligaw is the “biggest milestone” in her 13-year career, especially that she ‘s depicting a character that’s multi-dimensional and relatable, unlike previous roles she played wherein she portrayed simplistic, sometimes cartoonish kontrabidas.

“With the type of weight, responsibility, and grandness of the role they gave me, if this was given to me much sooner in my career, I would not have probably would not have been able to deliver. So all in God’s time. I may have been in the industry for 13 years, but I honestly feel that right now, again, I am starting over.”
She said her role of Marga presents a fun yet pivotal opportunity for her to showcase her acting chops. 
“I want to show people I can play a role. I can be versatile, kahitmayaman o mahirap, bata o nanay ng 18-year-old. I can be able to transform myself that way,” she said.

100 percent effort

Because of this she dedicates herself to give her 100 percent effort in effectively portray her biggest role to date. 

“My focus talaga was on point. Like I really made sure that I memorized the entire script from start to finish before we started taping. On the set, my phone is always off. Ayokong may connection ako sa outside world. So when I am on set I just focus on playing the role because I was very pressured to deliver. I always had this fear na there’s a possibility they could change me or it might not air…Pakiramdam ko parang baguhanna kailangan ang dami dami kong patunayan pa para isipin nilakarapat-dapat ako doon sa role na yon.”

And she delivered, with each scene showing the intense effort she has put in and proving how she has reached a higher plain in the acting craft.  We will surely witness a new Bianca King on TV, all with incredible thespic highlights that will be truly unforgettable for a long period of time.