5 moments that made us hope for Patty and Marlon’s second chance at love

From the very beginning, we all knew that the picture-perfect union of Patty Calumpang (Angelica Panganiban) and Marlon Ilaban (Zanjoe Marudo) was in shambles. Although there was no “third party” involved at the start, Patty and Marlon had a lot of misunderstandings and each of them had their own share of mistakes.

But despite their failure as a married couple, the way Patty and Marlon have treated each other since their annulment showed us that there is still a big possibility that they can fix their relationship and have a second chance at love.

Here are those five signs which lifted our hopes up on Patty and Marlon to have their second chance:

1. Their great teamwork in parenting


Since their godson Robin Cortes (JJ Quilantang) became their adopted child, Patty and Marlon’s lives began to change. Patty and Marlon witnessed a different side in each other which they both never saw before. They discovered the good parents that they can be, and they discovered that they make a great team together as parents to Robin. One moment that they had this realization was when they were both helping Robin with his school activities.

2. They slept together


Even though they already decided to separate, Patty and Marlon had those moments where we can undeniably see that they still love each other. No matter how much they deny it, their actions confess how they feel for each other. The ultimate moment when Patty and Marlon wasn’t able to hold back themselves from expressing just how much they love each other is when they slept together after getting drunk one night.

3. Their promise to still have a ‘family day’ each week after the annulment


After their annulment, Patty and Marlon realized that they must stand by their decisions and they truly have to let go of each other. However, they still had to fulfill their responsibilities as co-parents to Robin. With this, they made each other promise to set aside a fixed schedule of their ‘family day’ even if they would eventually both enter into another romantic relationship. This moment made us believe that Patty and Marlon still hold a special place in each other’s heart.

4. Their jealous moments toward each other’s new romance


When their annulment was granted, Patty and Marlon knew that they have given each other the freedom to love another person. But no matter how much they try not to get affected by each other’s love life, they still can’t help themselves but feel jealous towards each other’s new romance. One of the cutest, most saddening moments of jealousy between them was during Patty and Robin’s movie night with Dr. Harold Miguel (Carlo Aquino). That moment, we can see Marlon having some regret that he gave up on Patty.

5. They will always turn to each other first they feel down and out


Although they both found new romance with other persons, Patty and Marlon still turn to each other first whenever they need help, most especially if it involves Robin and their respective families. Patty and Marlon still choose to be each other’s source of comfort in bad times. They proved this many times and one was when Marlon rushed to comfort Patty after she was forced by Natalia Cortes-Smith (Maxene Magalona) to leave Robin’s house.

Indeed, Patty and Marlon’s story had many ups and downs. But their story showed us that there is hope in fixing a broken relationship, especially if a couple truly loves each other. No matter how long the process can be, second chances are worth the pain and the wait.