PAANDAR 2018: 5 times we shipped Marlon and Lea together on Playhouse

Playhouse just got even more exciting as two new characters joined the family. They are Pediatrician Harold Miguel who is being portrayed by Carlo Aquino, and flight attendant Lea Beltran who is being portrayed by Isabelle Daza. As they entered the story, Doc Harold and Lea are the two characters who continue to challenge Patricia “Patty” Calumpang (Angelica Panganiban) and Marlon Ilaban’s (Zanjoe Marudo) relationship. In just a few months, Doc Harold already made a connection with Patty while Lea also got closer with Marlon.

We’ve seen the ties between Doc Harold and Patty blossom, but in this feature, let’s round-up the top five sweetest moments of Lea and Marlon that made us ship them together in Playhouse.

1. The Reunion

As Marlon saw a colourful toy windmill that reminds him of his childhood with Lea, he reminisced the time when he escorted her in their town’s Sagala. Smiling as he had let his thoughts take him back in time, it looked like Marlon had a secret crush on Lea back then but he’s too proud to say it. So he always teased Lea instead on having many head lice and called her “kuts”. However, he eventually became Lea’s protector against other kids who bullied her. And right before Marlon left the place, Lea went out of the door to be reunited with him.

2. The Yoga Session

Lea invited Marlon to join her in her yoga session instead of drinking beers. Even though Marlon found it so odd, Lea made him to do it by promising to have wine with him later after their yoga session together. That moment, Marlon actually tried to do yoga with Lea, as he copied the yoga poses Lea makes.

3. The Throwback Moment

The night of Patty’s birthday celebration, Lea also had a party in her house. Marlon chose to go to Lea’s party first before Patty’s. While in Lea’s party, Marlon along with their many childhood friends reminisced on the memories they shared with each other. With this, Marlon and Lea did a throwback dance of their “Huling El Bimbo” number that they once did together back then.

4. The Friendly Offer

Lea visited Marlon at his shop to cheer him up. She gave him a colourful toy windmill that we all know is something symbolic in their friendship. Knowing Marlon’s lonely condition, Lea gave Marlon a friendly offer to help him with his personal problem with Patty. Marlon blushed upon hearing Lea saying: “Move on with me.”

5. The One-on-One Basketball Match

Lastly, Marlon once took Lea to the fishpond he owns as a business. Marlon tried to tour Lea in his fishpond, but when Lea saw that the place had an area for basketball, she challenged Marlon to have a one-on-one basketball match with her.

Will Marlon decide to finally let go of Patty and start anew with Lea in 2019? Let’s all find out in Playhouse, weekdays at 11:30am before It’s Showtime.