PAANDAR 2018: 5 Kilig moments of Zeke and Shiela in Playhouse

Donny Pangilinan and Kisses Delavin are undeniably one of this generation’s hottest and unlikely pairs. 

Being shipped by their throng of supporters after he stood as her escort during the latter’s debut, they are now working together as a loveteam and have starred in three projects, including the daytime series Playhouse, in which they portray the roles of young sweethearts Ezekiel “Zeke” Domingo and Shiela Ubaldo, respectively.

As there are some who hopes that Patty (Angelica Panganiban) will restore her marriage with Marlon (Zanjoe Marudo), while there are some who are strongly wishing for her to accept to end with Doctor Harold’s (Carlo Aquino), let’s also do not forget to bring our attention as well on the continuously developing love story of Zeke and Shiela.

Their paths first crossed when our dashing young man got his posh car cleaned at the car wash shop owned by our pretty lady’s adoptive brother Marlon, where she works part-time as a cashier. It was truly a love at first sight for the former, who got immediately smitten by her fair beauty by the time he first laid his eyes on her. But the latter apparently didn’t care about him even a bit as she continued doing her chore.

But it was only at school where their ties got tighter because they do not only become schoolmates, but classmates (and even groupmates!) too, in one of their subjects. Their friendship started out rough as he kept on taunting her despite getting ignored or frowned at by her, until Shiela realized that she’s gradually falling for him and his benevolent acts.

Because of Zeke’s unwavering efforts to reach out to her, to befriend her, and to show her that his intentions are clear in spite of being presumed as a chick magnet and a happy-go-lucky person, they eventually got closer and became close friends turned “special friends with mutual special feelings for each other” who are willing to stick by each other’s side whatever happens.

As we look forward on that much-anticipated moment for them to finally take their relationship to the next level, let’s reminisce five of their most kilig moments below:

The unintentional confession


As our dashing lad chased Sheila and her friend Cindy (AC Bonifacio) to offer a ride to them going home, he didn’t expect for him to find out something that he’s been pining to hear straight from her mouth. Well, this scene reminds us of high school romances we either experienced or witnessed and of the pivotal event in a popular fairytale. Cute!

The Real Deal


While Zeke has been honest regarding his special feelings for her, she’s been doing her best to conceal how she really feels about him. But his cuteness and overwhelming efforts are definitely irresistible, so we knew how hard it was for her to admit her overflowing admiration towards him. This excited him, however, she’s not ready for a serious commitment yet and her Kuya Marlon would surely reprimand them. Thus, they just satisfied themselves with their “no label” relationship, tagging themselves as “special friends with special feelings for each other.”

The Date


If we could only say “thank you” to Cindy, we probably had done it on this moment when she let the “special friends” to have their alone time during their trip to the amusement park and headed to a different path. She only proves that third-wheeling also has its fun and kilig side too!

The Real Cheerleader


We are completely envious with Shiela in this scene as Zeke surprised him during one of their cheering squad’s rehearsals. Aside from handing pain relievers and water to ease the body pains, he also brought his friends along with him to show their support and cheer for her and Cindy.

The Zealous Zeke


Apart from his good looks and charm, what makes it easy for Zeke to be loved is his endearing attitude. Who’s girl would not feel thrilled when a guy is so perseverant and willing to do anything just to prove himself to you and eventually win your sweet “yes”?

When are Zeke and Shiela going to put a label on their relationship? Find out by not missing an episode of Playhouse, weekdays before It’s Showtime.