WATCH: Playhouse cast reacts to netizens’ tweets!


The Playhouse cast bids goodbye to the endearing characters that they portrayed in the show by taking a moment to reminisce some of their most memorable scenes as they read and react to some of the netizens’ tweets.

Kisses Delavin, who portrays Shiela, and Donny Pangilinan, who plays Zeke, express how glad they are to read those heartwarming comments about their ZekShie tandem’s story in the show. Apart from reacting to the tweets and sharing her personal experience in doing her role, Kisses cannot help herself but notice the witty usernames of the netizens and give her reactions in those too. On the other hand, Donny explains his personal opinions why he agrees and disagrees to some tweets about his character.

Meanwhile, Angelica Panganiban, who plays Patty, and Zanjoe Marudo, who portrays Marlon, poke fun at each other as they give their reactions to the tweets they are reading. Aside from explaining some scenes which are mentioned by the netizens in their tweets, Angelica and Zanjoe also tell us the lessons that we should learn from their characters in the show. According to Angelica, one of those important lessons we should learn from Patty’s story in Playhouse is about appreciating the people around us while they are still with us.

After reading messages from the netizens, Kisses, Donny, Angelica and Zanjoe express their heartfelt gratitude for all the love and support to the show, most especially to their characters. The MarTy and ZekShie tandems invite us to hold on to the last episodes of Playhouse.

Don’t miss the exciting finale of Playhouse on Friday, March 22, before It’s Showtime.