Kapamilya Poll: Patty should end up with Harold in Playhouse, netizens say

Does love really deserve a second chance? Or is it time to let go and move on to a new chapter with a new partner?

As Patricia “Patty” Calumpang (Angelica Panganiban) and Marlon Ilaban’s (Zanjoe Marudo) story continues in Playhouse, their relationship continues to be tested with the many factors that affect them. Their sense of judgment and the flurry of emotions challenge their decisions, especially the involvement of people who surround them.

Although having a third party is not the main reason why Patty and Marlon are down to filing an annulment, it has made them doubt if they were really meant to be even though they still love each other and not admit it.

In the first few months of the show, we can remember Marlon’s friend named Irene Flores (Ariella Arida) who had feelings for Marlon and frankly told Patty to let go of him. And after Irene went out of the picture, here comes a new lady named Lea Beltran (Isabelle Daza) who is also likely to have feelings with Marlon. Lea is helping Marlon move on from Patty and her “strategic activities” seem to work well with Marlon.

Meanwhile, Patty also met a new guy who made her smile and laugh again after all the heartaches she went through in her annulment case with Marlon. Patty met Dr. Harold Miguel (Carlo Aquino) in front of a coffee shop, in one of the many days she decided to let go of Marlon. While she’s crying so hard under the rain, Harold went next to her and gave her some shelter from the pouring rain under his umbrella. Patty and Harold continue to bump accidentally into each other, and a special kind of friendship grew between them eventually.

With all that’s happening with Patty and Marlon’s story, are the people who came into their lives a sign that they really should move on from each other?


We asked netizens who they want Patty to end up with, and the results were clear! With 97.22% of votes, netizens want Patty to end up with Harold over Marlon who only got 2.78% of votes.

Will Patty hear what the netizens just said and finally move on from Marlon? Or will she still hold on to what’s left between her and choose to have a second chance with her estranged husband?

Let us all find out in the most exciting series that brightens up our mornings! Watch Playhouse, weekdays at 11:30am before It’s Showtime.