Kisses Delavin shows versatility as an actress in Playhouse

Kisses Delavin has become more than just a lovable face onscreen.

This Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 alum has proven she has what it takes to make it showbiz by proving that she not only can act well, but also exude versatility in challenging scenes.

Take for example her current breakout role as the upright, loving, kindhearted and assertive Shiela in Playhouse, Kisses would depict a wide range of emotions in a variety of situations that has truly impressed viewers.

Kisses would slay a dramatic scene with much impact, particularly in this heartbreaking scene wherein she broke down as her dear Lola Becca (Dexter Doria) passed away. Her grief was natural and relatable, as her intense portrayal was truly felt by those who watched her and shared the scene with her, including Angelica Panganiban, Zanjoe Marudo, Carlo Aquino, Isabelle Daza, and Kean Cipriano.

Then of course, one big draw of the hit teleserye is Kisses’ on-air tandem with co-star and “DonKiss” love team partner Donny Pangilinan. Their “ZekShie” ship in the teleserye has been pushed and followed throughout the series, thanks to their unmistakable chemistry onscreen. And, what else could highlight Kisses more than the kilig she brings when she shares the scene with Donny, especially this one when she as Shiela gave a cute and literally sweet “Oo” to Donny’s Zeke.

Kisses can even stand out among today’s young stars with witty dose of comedy in her portrayals. And, mimicking seems to be an innate talent, as she pretends to be her late Lola Becca in cheering up a grieving kitchen staff.

Lastly, Kisses can also show that she is no pushover in scenes wherein she parades her being a fighter. As Shiela, Kisses can effectively assert what she thinks is right in scenes wherein her principles are tested. And in this scene wherein she puts her foot down and calls out Zeke and his squad for cutting into a line they had been standing in for a while. As Zeke gave in, Shiela's assertiveness and righteousness even made Zeke fall for her even more.

Definitely, Kisses Delavin, the breakthrough young actress, is here to stay, and more acclaim and accolades for her acting craft are definitely forthcoming.

Catch Kisses in the final episodes of Playhouse, all this week before It’s Showtime.