5 Reasons why couples call it quits even without a “third party,” as seen in Playhouse

Certainly, all of us are dreaming to have a happily ever after just like the stories we read on fairy tales. However, we all know that in real life, the road to forever is long, rough, and winding, as couples have to face and endure every challenge that come their way hand-in-hand. 

While there are those who are able to withstand the test of time and become stronger than ever, there are relationships that unfortunately have to end because everything they’ve gone through are probably too depressing to handle.

Most of the time, the separation of couples is blamed on a third party or one who engages in an illicit affair with one of them. But the daytime series Playhouse reminds us that it’s not always the case because there are actually more issues that every couple should resolve in order to maintain the relationship they work hard for, as shown by its main protagonists Patty (Angelica Panganiban) and Marlon (Zanjoe Marudo).

1. Financial problems

One of the primary considerations of every couple before they took the plunge of getting hitched is their financial stability and readiness to bear the cost of living.

In the series, Patty is apparently practical when it comes to handling money. For her, every centavo should be spent wisely and that’s why every expense should be carefully planned and thought about. On the other hand, Marlon appears to be a risk-taker for he seemed to be never afraid to invest on different ventures, without thinking the possible undesirable outcomes of his decisions.

The misunderstandings they have and the former’s firm wish for the annulment of their marriage all boils down to their financial dilemma.

2. Unsupportive of each other’s life goals

We all yearn for the support from our loved ones in everything we do.  But, what if the person you trust and love the most and the closest to you is going to be the one to discourage you and hinder you from achieving something you’ve been aspiring for?

You’ll be hurt for sure. And this kind of conflict indeed rages on until you feel there’s no hope for reconciling such differences.

3. Not planning their future well


Probably, Patty was right when she said that they rushed things too much that they failed to see the whole picture of their future together. Since it can be recalled that theirs is a whirlwind romance, as they seemed to get very much blinded of their intimate feelings for each other, it’s really possible that they missed out on the important things of preparing for their forever.

Marlon, meanwhile may be lauded for his optimism, but he should have listened to his wife when she told him to first contemplate about his next moves before doing what he thinks is good for both of them.

4. Failure in adjusting to each other


One major no-no in every relationship is arrogance. Each party should learn is how to give way and be humble. No one should think full of himself since this is not a competition, but a partnership that could last a lifetime only if they work hard for it together and set aside their own interests.

Communication is essential to any relationship so perhaps, our new favorite daytime on-screen couple might be missing or allotting less time for this necessary activity. In doing so, they can talk about everything about themselves and maybe pick up something interesting from each other that could help strengthen their bond.

5. Irreconcilable differences

Before committing to a lifetime relationship, couples should know each other thoroughly about their past, favorites, habits, ideas, and ambitions. From there, they have to determine the differences they have to address and the similarities they share so they could absolutely click.

In Playhouse, Patty is a meticulous and systematic person who adheres to the inkling that everything should go through the process, regardless if it’s a small or big decision. Meanwhile, Marlon is a staunch believer that once you found an opportunity, you should never hesitate to grab it, the same when it comes to finding the love of your life.  Quite contrasting personalities, indeed.

Thus, it’s really essential for two people to allot a reasonable time to know one another, find a middle ground, and settle for the best, unless they’ll end up having endless misunderstandings and incessant altercations.

Well, these only prove that love alone will never be enough to keep a relationship. 

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