5 reasons why we want to have a boyfriend like Zeke Domingo

When Shiela Ubaldo (Kisses Delavin) first met Zeke Domingo (Donny Pangilinan), he seemed like the typical popular athlete in school who just do what he wants whenever he wants to. But as Zeke became closer and closer to Shiela, we all have discovered that Zeke is a decent, respectful, trustworthy boy who was raised well by a loving family. He has many admirable characteristics that led Shiela to fall in love with him.

Here are five reasons why Zeke is any girl’s dream boyfriend.

1. He is protective.

Anyone will be protective towards the people they love. And, Zeke is not only protective of the girl she loves, she does it the right way. Remember when he and Shiela encountered a scandalous woman who mistook Shiela as her husband’s other woman? While Zeke emphatically defended Sheila, he did so with utmost respect.

2. He is supportive.

Like how it should be when loving someone, Zeke isn’t ashamed to let other people see how deeply he loves Shiela. He openly shows how supportive he is of his girlfriend, like the one time he loudly rooted for Shiela during her cheerdance activity. Zeke even asked for the help of his friends and made banners for Shiela, just to fully express his support.

3. He is hardworking and knows how to plan for the future.

Along with his responsibilities as an athlete, Zeke also tries to do well in his academics. He works hard and tries to excel in all the things he does in life. Even though he was born to a wealthy family, Zeke shows us that we must be independent and passionate to achieve our goals and even plan ahead for a better future.

4. He is creative, exerts effort in expressing his love.

Inspired by his grandfather, Zeke shows creativity when it comes to expressing his love. And because he isn’t perfect too, he finds ways and give his full effort to make amends for his faults. One of the sweetest and most effortful thing he did was doing a modern ‘harana’ to Shiela, together with his friends.

5. He will persistently do anything for the girl he loves.

Of course, loving someone means you are willing to do anything for them. And for Shiela, Zeke is just like that, especially when he used all his resources to help Shiela find her long lost parents.

Indeed, Shiela Ubaldo is truly blessed to have Zeke Domingo as her boyfriend. By having such good values and a kind and loving personality, Zeke is certainly certified boyfriend material for any girl!