5 reasons why we love Maxene Magalona’s portrayal of Natalia on Playhouse

In the endearing story of Playhouse, one of the many remarkable characters is Natalia Cortes-Smith, the reviled aunt of Robin (JJ Quilantang) at first yet beloved as the story went on.

Played by the beautiful and multi-talented Maxene Magalona, Natalia's character has truly made a lasting impact. Here are five reasons why we love Maxene’s portrayal of Natalia on Playhouse.

1. Maxene portrayed Natalia as someone who is naturally funny.

Even though Natalia is clearly a sophisticated woman, Maxene showed us that she could also be effortlessly funny in many ways. She showed us that Natalia can be overacting at times, and her impulsive reactions can be silly. One good example was the time when Natalia and Patty (Angelica Panganiban) went on a girls night out at a bar.

2. Maxene can effectively turn Natalia into an irritating kontrabida in an instant.

Every time she exposed how naughty and mischievous Natalia can be, Maxene has really got her under our skin. She made us realize how Natalia can be unreasonably bad if she wants to. Remember Patty's birthday celebration? Everyone thought that her gift was a bomb because of the pesky note she wrote on the gift card!

3. Maxene showed us that Natalia's spontaneity is adorable.

Maxene showed us that Natalia truly has a spontaneous personality. She knows how to seize the moment, always having the courage to be bold and put her ideas into actions. One of Natalia's admirable act of spontaneity that Maxene perfectly pulled off was when she held a party at the hospital and invited all the nurses she saw in the hallway.

4. Maxene showed us the feisty fighter side of Natalia.

Although Natalia didn't have pure intentions toward her nephew Robin (JJ Quilantang) at first, she developed a special kind of motherly love for the boy in the end. With this, Maxene showed how Natalia is able to fight for the people she loves. One of the best scenes where we witnessed how fiercely she can do this is when she fought back against her violent husband Peter (Ivan Padilla).

5. Maxene didn't fail to show us Natalia's kind heart.

On top of all her kontrabida and funny moments, Maxene didn't fail to show us Natalia's goodness deep inside. She depicted Natalia as kindhearted, expressing unconditional love and acceptance. Maxene bared Natalia's soul in a scene when she cried and asked for forgiveness as she held a picture of her deceased brother Brad (Patrick Garcia) and sister-in-law Emily (Denise Laurel) in the middle of the night.

Hats off to your exceptional performance, Maxene!

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