Strong, admirable sibling bond of Marlon and Shiela on Playhouse

A person’s life would arguably never be complete without him/her getting engaged in mix-ups, brawls, and catfights with his/her siblings, if he/she has any, as they grow up. While some who view their siblings as “rivals,” some find their ultimate best friends and constant partners in life in their sisters and brothers, just like Marlon and ShieSla of Playhouse, portrayed by Zanjoe Marudo and Kisses Delavin, respectively.

In spite of the huge age gap between them, not to mention the fact that Shiela is an adopted child, they are still able to establish a deep bond and harmonious relationship that nobody or nothing could ever destroy, as we have witnessed in following their lives on the daytime series.

Now that Playhouse is approaching its highly anticipated finale, let’s take a look back on some of the most delighting, and perhaps relatable, moments of Marlon and Shiela!


Being the doting brother that he is, Marlon wasn’t able to keep his cool as Shiela approached him frantically. Assuming that she probably got in trouble because of the anxiety painted on her face and the words she uttered, he found himself being a victim of her prank – her fun way of announcing that she successfully made it to her dream university. Of course, as a protective older brother, he then went on to remind her not to commit to a romantic affair yet until she finishes college.

He also expressed how proud and happy he is for her, and he chose to spend time with their family to celebrate her achievement.

His overprotectiveness was once again unleashed as he chanced upon his little sister talking stealthily with her “friend” Zeke (Donny Pangilinan). This irked him, making him to exaggeratedly react by berating her, which ensued to their little quarrel.

Amidst his incessant reminders to her not to enter in a relationship yet while she’s still studying, it seemed that Shiela wasn’t able to stop whatever she feels towards her special friend Zeke. Despite her Kuya Marlon’s apparent displeasure, she was able to muster enough courage to confess her feelings and explained their “no label” set-up to him.

Certainly, “asaran” moments among siblings would never be absent, just like in this scene wherein Shiela teased her big brother for the bright smile he flashed while reading the text message of Leah (Isabelle Daza). Making this moment extra fun was Marlon’s sarcastic retort of throwing a mocking question to her as well.

As we all know, sibling relationships are not merely filled with clashes, mockeries, and pranks, but being each other’s shoulder to cry on as well in times of distress. Although they have been so close with each other before, Shiela and Marlon’s cohesion got tighter after the unforeseen demise of their beloved Lola Becca (Dexter Doria) who they really loved.


He might not be supportive of her little sister’s romance with Zeke at first, but Marlon learned to finally accept it as time went by. He turned a bit lenient as he eventually allowed them to go on dates or trips together with a few conditions and reminders before they depart. 

Besides, what’s more admirable in their relationship is how they could humble themselves by apologizing to their mistakes and shortcomings towards one another.


Of course, the bond of siblings won’t be complete without the times that they need to tell each other advices about life and love. Since Marlon has been to different affairs before, he used this ‘hugot’ to counsel her regarding break-ups and relationships.

Marlon and Shiela’s bond as siblings only attests that although no relationship is perfect, whether you’re blood-related or not, our unconditional love towards our loved-ones can make everything seems perfect. Are you to miss them like we do? Well, you better not miss the last episodes of Playhouse, weekdays before It’s Showtime.