• Saturday before The Voice Teens
  • Saturday before The Voice Teens
Judy Ann reveals interesting personal choices on “Would You Rather”

Teleserye Queen Judy Ann Santos was put on the hot seat as she played “Would You Rather” on Jeepney TV’s Showbiz Pa More with DJ Jhai Ho, wherein she was asked to choose things she encounters in real life that she considers more vital.


First off, the Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan host was asked if she would rather live without the Internet or aircon. And the Kapamilya mom said she would rather live without the Internet because she said she’ll be needing the aircon more because of the country’s hot and humid weather. And she stressed having an Internet connection even brings negative things that you sometimes don’t actually need to know. She added that aside from the fact that it gives you stress, it also wastes your time on things that aren’t really of great importance. Moreover, according to her, the good side of not having the Internet or social media is that you will live a more peaceful life. More reasons as to why Judy Ann chose having aircon over the Internet is because she would rather have a comfortable and relaxing time while she rests. And she said that the more she gets to relax, the more she’ll be productive for the whole day. If she keeps a positive outlook, Judy Ann said, she can be more efficient.


In terms of cooking, she opts for a gas range or stove over an induction cooker because she said if you use the latter, it’s harder to measure or estimate if the heat is actually enough or just right. In addition, Judy Ann is more adept at using gas-powered cooking appliances. She shares that she even prefers using charcoal more than an induction cooker.


Judy Ann was then asked to choose if she would rather wake up at the break of dawn or still stay up and awake by sunrise, and the Kapamilya actress chose the first. She said if she does the latter, there’s a high chance she would not have the strength anymore to do other important tasks for the day, and would lose her patience.


On this tricky question if she would rather not have electricity or not have a supply of water for one whole week, Judy Ann said she would rather not have electric power because even if the weather is scorching, and you can’t turn on the aircon or the electric fan, you can still take a bath to soothe yourself. However if you don’t have water, she said, you cannot do many essential things like taking a bath and washing the plates.


And when Judy Ann was asked to choose if she would rather be a famous personality with bashers or a nobody, the veteran actress said she can would take the first because she emphasized she doesn't really care about the bashers in the first place. However, she also is okay with being a nobody as long she can still help other people.


Lastly, Juday chose to be invisible over the power to fly because she revealed she actually wants to know many things.


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