Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan: Expressions of kindness and compassion that gave love a new meaning to the heartbroken

They say that love can’t bring just happiness to your life - it can hurt you and it can break you into pieces. But it is also through love that you learn and realize things that can make you stronger and wiser. Here are some of the inspiring stories of love that can definitely touch your heart.

Chier Ann Sangon, the vocalist of the well-known Alon band, said that when she and her siblings were still little, they have accepted the fact that they are the second family of their father who did not treat them as his priority. But despite this, she shared that her father still loved them and provided them what they needed.

Ever since she was young, she has always wanted to sing. When she was in elementary, she joined the church choir and competed in singing contests. She would usually sing love songs, but ironically things did not happen the way she wanted in her actual love life. Chier shared that she was chubby and a bit boyish back then so she thought not a lot of guys noticed her. After she graduated from college, she still continued singing. In fact, she joined a band where she met her first-ever boyfriend. After one of her band’s sets, that guy approached her and asked for her number. After that, they started talking and eventually, they became a couple. He would then break her heart by cheating on her, with Chier almost losing hope of finding true love.

But better days came for Chier. She found hope in advancing her music career after Renee “Alon” Dela Rosa, composer of hit song “Pusong Bato,” invited her to join his band. Chier and the Alon Band have since performed in different parts of the country, making them well-loved nationwide. Because of this huge opportunity, Chier was able to move on from her setbacks in life and achieve her dream of being a professional singer/performer. That’s why she’s very thankful for the trust Renee gave her. To express her gratitude and appreciation, Chier gave Renee a cap, which she said would be perfect for him to wear in their next performance.

Renee, on the other hand, was no stranger to tough love, having experienced it when he was still young. He witnessed how his father broke his mother’s heart when he brought another woman into their house. But as for his talent in singing, he already discovered that he had the heart for the craft ever since he was around nine years old. He, together with his uncle, would join amateur singing contests. Eventually, he learned how to compose his own songs. And through singing, he met the woman who eventually became his first girlfriend. They were able to raise a family.

However, Renee didn’t expect their idyllic family life would be shattered, when his wife cheated on him, having an affair with the guitarist of his band. He became very depressed and frustrated, as he was left caring for their two kids after being kicked out of their musical group. That became one of the lowest points in his life. But little did he know that his heartache would lead to the biggest break in his music career. He used that painful chapter in his life to compose the song “Pusong Bato,” which he later on recorded himself. It then became a nationwide hit hugot song, which a lot of people could relate to. Its catchy yet heartbreaking lyrics were translated to different dialects, extending its reach to more areas around the country. The song became so popular that other Filipino music artists, such as Jed Madela, Jericho Rosales, Jake Zyrus, and Jovit Baldovino, had their own versions of tune. “Pusong Bato” would even be nominated twice in the prestigious Awit Awards. And, just when he thought he would never have a chance to love again, Renee met the woman who would eventually become the love of his life, Racquel Hernandez. He’s very thankful to her for giving him the love he deserves. They raised a beautiful family and were very blessed to have good-hearted children. To thank Racquel for the genuine love she gives, Renee gave her a stone that was blessed all the way from the Our Lady of Edsa Shrine.

Racquel grew up with her grandparents as her mother left them while they were young. They were less fortunate so she wasn’t able to finish her studies. She had to work when she was 17. And at that age she met her first boyfriend. However, just when she thought it was a good relationship, Racquel found out that the guy had a wife, with whom he had a family. She was completely heartbroken because he wasn’t honest with her. The next time Racquel took a chance on love again, it unfortunately turned into a heartache again as her next boyfriend cheated on her. Come the third and the last time she tried to love again. This time, it was Renee. They first met in a restobar where Renee was performing. Racquel was amazed by the singing voice of Renee that’s why she complimented him right away. They exchanged numbers and that’s when they started to get closer to each other. They became a couple eventually and later on got married. Their relationship is proof of how they love each other but they didn’t deny that they also encountered problems along the way. There was one time when Racquel became very jealous because Renee was in the showbiz industry. That’s why she and their children decided to leave him. But through the help of a friend, Romina Estacion, the two were able to communicate properly and patch things up. Romina encouraged them to fix things to save their relationship and for the sake of their children. That’s why Racquel is very thankful for the help that she offered to her and to Renee. She gave Romina a bag which symbolizes how much she appreciates the help that she has given to them.

Romina is the third child of her parents and has eight more siblings. She grew up in a big and happy family, which has been a longtime dream for Romina. And she was able to have her own blissful family as well. She and her husband were blessed with seven children. Romina and her spouse had a good relationship at the beginning, however, she saw how her husband somehow neglected his responsibilities as the head of the family. He became more relaxed and didn’t work that hard for the family. That’s why Romina decided to leave him. She then took the opportunity to work abroad but eventually felt homesick. She realized she couldn’t stay away from her children for a very long time. When she came back, her husband tried to fix things with her, however, when she was once again planning to fly abroad to work, her husband disagreed with it. They had a misunderstanding once again but Romina realized that her husband just didn’t want her to leave again. He promised her that he would change for the better and work hard for their family this time. Romina decided to stay and since then, her husband has become more responsible.

Romina’s blessed family life pushed her to help save Renee and Racquel’s marriage, a gesture that inspired Renee to help Chier Ann to move on from her own heartbreaks to start her life anew with a promising professional singing career.

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