Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan celebrity fathers


Paano Kita Mapasasalamatan featured in this Father’s Day special on June 19 inspiring fatherhood stories of some of our celebrity dads who are having the best time of their lives as they take on that real-life role of being devoted and loving fathers to their children.

At the start of the year, celebrity couple and singer-actors and first-time parents Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson officially introduced their very charming first born Jude Trevor. In his past interviews, Markus himself shared that being a father has been stressful but at the end of the day, it is always fulfilling. His father, George Trevor Paterson, is a former pilot and flight engineer. He’d always treasure his time with his dad especially because his father George would usually be away from him and his mom because of his work.

Markus grew up in England with his British dad and Filipino mom. Before they migrated to the Philippines, football was life for Markus. But when they flew here, Markus had a different interest, entering showbiz through the talent reality show Pinoy Boyband Superstar in 2016. And not only did he find his love for acting and performing but he also found his true love, Janella, when they both guested in the Maalaala Mo Kaya episode “White Ribbon” in 2019.

If Markus had a lot of bonding and special moments with his dad, it’s the opposite for Janella, who was not fortunate to have her father, musician Juan Miguel Salvador, by her side when she grew up. When Janella and her mom Jenine Desiderio had a misunderstanding, Janella thought of finding his dad. And she did meet and spend time with him in a reunion. And at that moment, Janella said, she felt complete.

It’s a mixed feeling of excitement and fear for Markus when Baby Jude came into their lives. He feared that he won’t be able to have the means and ability to raise a child, or that he won’t have the fatherly love that his child would need. But during Janella’s pregnancy, Markus was always present to take care of her. And when Baby Jude was finally born, Markus felt a different feeling of happiness he never felt before. He said that just seeing his son happy takes away all his stress and frustrations in life. If Markus used to be that carefree boy before, now, he’s become responsible and protective over the people who matter the most to him, especially his son Jude and his partner Janella. And the person he thanks the most that made him the man he has become and the father that he is now is none other than the love of his life, Janella.

Meanwhile, it’s a different story for the veteran actor, dancer, host, and public servant Jhong Hilario who never gave up on hoping that he’d someday become a dad. When he finally became a father to his baby Sarina, Jhong appreciated more how his father Virigilio Hilario Sr. raised him and his siblings. And now that Jhong is a father himself, he takes care of his daughter just as how his father took care of him. Jhong’s talent in dancing became his ticket to success. His career in showbiz started when he became part of the popular dance group StreetbBoys, and has since become an exceptional and prominent actor, performer, and TV host, appearing in such shows as FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, It’s Showtime, and recently, in Your Face Sounds Familiar 3.

When he was just starting in his career, his father was always there to guide him. The greatest values that he learned from his dad was to always have faith in God and treat other people right and equally. Just like his father who’s a former councilor, Jhong was privileged to also become one. And when it appeared like he has already achieved almost everything, there was still something lacking. And that’s his hope and his father’s dream for him to become a father and have his own family. And it all happened this year when Jhong and his longtime partner Maia Azores finally had their baby girl Sarina. On the day that baby Sarina was about to be born, it was the height of the pandemic, and Jhong feared the situation. But it was plain unexplainable happiness that he felt when he saw his wife and daughter safe and healthy. Jhong then vowed to raise and love baby Sarina the same way his father reared and loved him and his siblings. Jhong is beyond thankful for his father who’s always his hero, role model, and inspiration.

Actor Baron Geisler, meanwhile, did not have the best relationship with his father, Donald David Geisler, growing up. He felt that his dad played favorites with his siblings. That was the time when Baron had insecurities and even questioned what lacked in him and eventually, it became the reason for him to rebel. When the opportunity to join the entertainment industry came, Baron worked hard to succeed in hopes of making his family, especially his father proud.  When Baron entered showbiz, Baron had a closer relationship with his dad and they were able to build special moments.

However, when his father passed away, his life hit rock bottom. He started having vices, he wouldn’t listen to people, and was constantly placed in rehabilitation for his alcoholism. When he went to Cebu for his rehabilitation, Baron did not only have a newfound relationship with the God but also met the love of his life ready to accept him for everything that he is. Jamie Evangelista-Geisler, Baron’s wife, was actually the assigned psychologist at the recovery center where Baron stayed for his rehabilitation.

Eventually, they were able to know each other better. And Jamie’s company felt like home to Baron. He didn’t feel like he was judged when he’s with Jamie who, on the other hand, didn’t let what other people had to say get in the way of her growing relationship with Baron. In September 2019, Baron and Jamie finally tied the knot, and Baron was also able to have a good relationship with his stepkids and became even more blessed when baby Talitha arrived. For Baron, fatherhood is a learning process and is living by example. Baron thanked Jamie for all the love and understanding that she has given him. He tells her, “There are no words, but all I can say is that I’m very grateful that you picked me to be with you for the rest of your life. I’m very grateful that you love me and understand me...I will give you and the kids the best in life.”

Host Judy Ann Santos’ loving husband, father, TV host, actor, and businessman Ryan Agoncillo looked up to his brother Ronald “Dondi” Agoncillo all his life. They didn’t have many bonding moments when they were still younger because of their age gap but they became closer as they grew up. In fact, Ryan was Dondi’s best man in his wedding. And Ryan’s relationship with his brother served as his guide for the choices he made in life. It was Dondi who pushed and encouraged Ryan to grab the opportunity to join showbiz. And it was through the industry that Ryan was able to meet his forever love, Judy Ann.

Ryan has been attracted to Judy Ann ever since her Mara Clara days. When he finally had the chance to work with her in Krystala where he was one of Juday’s leading men, he was very lucky to have been friends with her. Eventually, their relationship grew into something more special and deeper. And when Ryan was told by Judy Ann that she was going to be a mother, he was shocked, frustrated, and confused, thinking she will bear someone else’s child. But he was relieved when he found out that Judy Ann was actually adopting her first child, Yohan. During Yohan’s baptism, Ryan decided not to attend because he didn’t want to put pressure on himself, and at the same time he didn’t want to be unfair to Judy Ann and Yohan.

Everything since came naturally for both Ryan and Judy Ann, who would then walk down the aisle and exchange their vows in 2009. And, as Judy Ann’s husband, Ryan filed a petition to adopt Yohan, who also became an Agoncillo.  Ryan and Juday were even more blessed with two more amazing children, Lucho and Luna. And as a father, Ryan is very proud and happy with Yohan being so gifted in singing and dancing, Lucho being that very bright ball of sunshine who finds joy in the littlest of things, and Luna being the adorable and sweet little girl who never fails to amaze everyone. Dondi shared that he sees his journey as a father in Ryan’s. And one of the best values that Ryan shares with Judy Ann is the togetherness of the family which he inculcated from his brother and his dad, Luis.

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