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Ylona, Ryan, Bailey, Ailah and Zonia are nominees for eviction
A different kind of nomination procedure took place this Saturday night, July 4.

The remaining 10 housemates divided themselves into pairs upon Big Brother’s orders. They were soon told that as a tandem, they will choose which two housemates they will nominate. 

The youngest female housemates Ailah and Zonia paired up while the two oldest males, Kyle and Kenzo agreed to be partners. Kamille and Ylona said they were like sisters that bonded together while Jimboy and Bailey are like Kuya and Bunso. Lastly, Ryan and Franco became partners because of their similarity in wanting to make other people smile.  

After the votes have been cast, host Toni Gonzaga-Soriano revealed that the housemates nominated Ylona, Ryan, Bailey, Ailah and Zonia for eviction this week.

Like last week, the nominees were given a LigTask challenge but unfortunately Ailah and Ylona’s scores were tied so no one was saved from the nomination.

All five nominated housemates appealed to their supporters to vote for them.

Watch Toni’s announcement on the nominees HERE

To save your favorite nominee, text BB <name of housemate> to 2366 for all networks.

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