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Ylona admits she like Bailey
On Pinoy Big Brother 737, because of the growing closeness between Bailey and Barbie, Kuya called them separately to the confession room. Kuya advised Bailey to “take his time” on matters of the heart. He also told Bailey to refrain from touching Barbie if he wants to practice the Filipino trait of being “maginoo.” On the other hand, Kuya reminded Barbie that love is a complicated matter and she should know her limitations as a teener.

Things become a little more complicated though as Ylona confessed to Ryan that she likes Bailey. She also admitted being jealous when Bailey and Barbie put makeup on each other. She said she is also bothered by the awkwardness between her and Bailey because he is not talking to her. Kuya talked to Ylona as well and tells her, “’wag masyadong isipin ang awkwardness. Focus on getting to know yourself and the other housemates.” Ylona also told Kuya that on second thought she doesn’t really like Bailey and may have just succumbed to peer pressure.

Kuya consulted with resident Psychologist/Psychiatrist Randy Dellosa about the recent behavior of the teen housemates. Dr. Dellosa says feelings of “love” among teens are not really love but “more of like.” He said hormones affect their emotions. He also cited being homesick and having no one but each other in the house as one of the reasons they become closer to each other and think themselves in love.