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The housemates enjoy controlling E-toy

 The housemates were ecstatic upon seeing the giant toy robot, E-toy, Enchong Dee arrived at the poolside area, especially when they discovered that they can control his actions using a headset.

As a toy robot, E-toy can only follow the actions of the housemate who is wearing the headset similar to his. He can also only say three sentences: Aprub ako diyan, Labo ‘yan mga ‘tsong and Tulong.

In a conversation with Big Brother, Enchong said that in the few hours that he got to spend time with the housemates, he already got to know them better.

As such, he said that Kenzo is usually the one thinking of ways on how to help him and checks on his needs. Kenzo earlier helped him change his clothes, get up from the bed and drink water, among others.

Meanwhile, he saw Franco and Bailey as the bunsos. Bailey almost made Enchong touch his pet frogs and made him hug Kamille. 

He said that he thinks Jimboy is shy, Zonia is more of a follower while Ylona is independent and a go-getter.