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The housemates are offended by James
On PBB 737, some of the regular housemates got offended when James said that he let his co-nominees for eviction, Margo and Krizia win the LigTask challenge because they are girls.

“Dalawang babae ‘yung kalaban ko so ayun, sabi ko, ipapaubaya ko sa kanila ‘yung chance na maligtas,” James told Big Brother. Furthermore, he said that it was necessary to do it as, “Kasi alam ko naman po na if ever man hindi ako maligtas doon, may magdedesisyon naman po outside world eh. At alam kong hindi ako papabayaan sa labas.” He said that he knows that he has contributed greatly in the tasks and that he always cooks for the housemates.

This especially offended Dawn who said, “Kuya, sa totoo lang po, medyo na-offend ako bilang babae kasi ang dating po sa akin, ay parang sinabi niyang hindi kayang lumaban ng babae sa lalaki.”

Likewise, the male housemates talked about James as well. Richard said that he thinks it was James’ strategy to win the viewers’ text votes and that what he said is offensive to the girls. Charlhone said that for him, what James did is not being fair.

Jyo and Philip, on the other hand, thought that James could have actually tried winning but lost so he could be making an excuse.

Meanwhile, Dawn opened up her feelings towards James to Big Brother, “Nailang ako po sa kanya dahil sa pagiging touchy niya, Kuya.” She also shared this to some housemates and said that she is trying to distance herself from him to remind him of their boundaries. She told Big Brother that she will find an opportunity to open this up to James.