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Tensions rise inside PBB house
Tensions arise inside Big Brother’s house as the housemates feel the pressure of accomplishing tasks and dividing the workload.

Aside from rocking the giant crib constantly for the whole week, Big Brother relayed another task through Margo and Richard. They have to conduct a pictorial for baby Romeo. They must think of six themes; three taken while baby Romeo is awake and the other three while he is asleep.

As soon as Margo and Richard got the materials inside the storage room, some of the housemates started working on the props.

As for their first concept, housemate Charlhone lied down on the floor, dressed as a Christmas tree while baby Romeo was wearing an angel costume. Richard will take their photograph from the top view. However, the baby seemed not in the mood so they stopped the shoot temporarily.

Later, Margo and Mikee had a misunderstanding. Margo also became emotional as she caught some of the housemates talking behind her back.

Will the regular housemates be able to fix their issues with one another? Can they accomplish Big Brother’s baby pictorial task?

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