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Tension is brewing inside the house
On Pinoy Big Brother 737, some of the housemates talked about Barbie’s attitude inside the house. As such, Kenzo commented that she is unpredictable while Ryan said that maybe, she is still adjusting.

In a conversation with Big Brother, Kamille said that she got surprised that Barbie is avoiding her. Barbie did not sleep beside Kamille and Ailah noticed the tension between them.

Speaking of Ailah, Kamille got irritated at the noise that she’s creating with the lyre when they were in the living room with the other housemates. Because of this, Ailah confided to Barbie and cried after she remembered her mother’s advice not to fight with her fellow housemates.

Later, Ailah apologized to Kamille who advised her to know her limitations too.

PBB 737’s resident psychologist, Dr. Randy Dellosa observed that Ailah tends to be immature and that she might have a hard time complying with rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, Barbie temporarily stopped washing the dishes because they ran out of dishwashing soap. Seeing the dirty piles, Kenzo told Barbie that he should have washed the dishes instead. While helping out, Kamille complained about the uncleanliness as well.

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