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Ryan feels free after his heart-to-heart talk with his mother
On PBB 737, Big Brother gave Ryan a chance to have dinner with his mother, Monina to resolve their issues.

During the dinner, Ryan was able to get the answers to the questions he’s been longing to ask such as why her mother doesn’t show up in school meetings and why she doesn’t attend his dance presentations.

He also asked her, “Kailan mo ba ako natanggap?” to which Monina answered, “Nung before ka pumasok dito pero ‘yun lang ang gusto ko di ba? Sabi ko sa’yo, hangga’t maari alam mo naman saan ka lulugar, ‘yun lang ang gusto ko. Respeto lang. Hindi naman lahat ng isip ng mga tao (pare-pareho).”

She also added, “’Wag mong sabihing hindi kita sinusuporatahan. Ako pa? Anong gusto mong support?” When Ryan said that he did not expect her to give him moral support, Monina corrected him, “’Yun ang akala mo, mali yung akala mo…1100%, support ‘yan,”

In a conversation with Big Brother, Monina said that she will support her child no matter what happens.

At the end of their conversation, Ryan rejoiced upon learning that his mother has already accepted him for who he is and that she supports him fully. Ryan, who said that he is now free, happily told Big Brother, “Hindi ko alam na matagal na pala nila ako inaccept, ako lang pala ‘yung hindi pa nag-aaccept sa sarili ko.”

Monina, on the other hand, thanked Big Brother for the opportunity.

Watch their heart-to-heart talk here.

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