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Male housemates freak out as malignos invade Big Brothers house

On PBB 737, malignos or supernatural creatures visited Kuya’s house, scaring the housemates.


Freaking out, the housemates kept running around. Someone even jumped in the pool while the others hid in the bedroom and in the bathroom.


Noticing that the boys were the most scared, the malignos followed them in the storage room where they got trapped.


When the boys finally got out, Jimboy, who freaked out the most, kept on insisting that he did not get scared.


Later after their horror-filled day with the malignos, Kenzo was asking Big Brother if there will be more scary creatures to come when he suddenly heard screams outside the confession room. Kenzo, worried that malignos will enter the confession room, did not want to come out and help his housemates. He also asked Big Brother to not send malignos anymore.


After Kenzo, Big Brother called Jimboy to the confession room where he was asked to sit in between two malignos. Seemingly hesitant at first, Jimboy admitted that he really gets frightened because of the scary folklore stories he was told about when he was still a child.


Hence, Big Brother told him, “Jimboy, maraming bagay tayo na kinakatakutan. Pero ‘wag kang pangungunahan lagi ng takot. Dahil Jimboy, sa pagharap natin sa ating mga takot, magiging mas matibay tayo.” Because of this, Jimboy began to conquer his fear by placing his arms on the malignos’ shoulders.  

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