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Kyle and Kamille interrogate Ylona about Bailey
Is romance in the air inside Kuya’s house?

Kyle and Kamille spent some time discussing their fellow housemates. Kyle admitted that he was a bit irritated with Franco who has a girlfriend but still seems to be flirting with the girls. Kamille even added that today was Franco’s monthsary with his girlfriend.

Kamille mentioned that Kenzo seems to be attracted to Barbie and that it could be mutual. She said that Kenzo seems to be sending signals to Barbie and she noticed that Barbie, who used to call him “kuya,” now calls Kenzo “Ken,” indicating that they were getting close. The two dubbed the pairing “Barbie and Ken” after the iconic dolls.

When the possibility of Barbie and Bailey being attracted to each other was brought up, Kyle recalled something that Bailey told him before, that “girls eat you time. Kinakain ang oras mo.” He added that Bailey wants to focus on himself at the moment.

When Ylona joined them at the poolside, the two concentrated on her. Kyle said that he noticed that Ylona was looking intently at Bailey and Barbie sharing a seat and he asked if she had a crush on Bailey. Ylona only giggled and could not answer. The two continued to keep questioning her about Bailey, and were later joined by Kenzo and Zonia in trying to pry an answer out of Ylona.

After much prodding, Ylona could only answer with a “maybe.” You can bet Kyle and Kamille will be keeping a close eye on her in the days to come.