Kuya tells the housemates to step up their performance
When Kuya called Ryan and Franco to the confession room, he apparently told them that they need to work on their blocking for their performance because all they’ve been doing so far is rehearsing while sitting down.

When Kuya called in Kyle and Kamille to the confession room later on, he apparently told them the same thing as well.

The four tried to stress to the others Kuya’s instructions that he wants to see them moving around in their performance and not just stay in one place.

Kenzo took the initiative to map out their blocking on paper and they tried to work out their movements during the number.

They also brought up their difficulty in keeping the performance length to exactly 7 minutes and 37 seconds as instructed. The best time they’ve managed so far was 7 minutes and 38 seconds. While some said being off by a few seconds might be okay, the others reminded them that Kuya tends to be very strict with things like this in the past.

Will the housemates be able to get their act together in time?