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Kuya talks to Kamille and Kenzo about their growing attraction for each other
On Pinoy Big Brother 737, Kamille and Kenzo couldn’t keep away from each other.

Kuya called Kamille to the confession room and Kamille said that she’s already four years into her relationship with Justin. In those four years, Kamille said, “Ako ang laging nag-eeffort.” Asked why she hasn't given up on the relationship yet, she said, “Ayaw ko po maranasan ng anak ko ang isang broken family.” Kuya advised Kamille to be true to herself.

Later, Kamille talked to Kenzo and Kenzo said, “We’re both caught up in a messed up situation.”

Kuya also talked to Kenzo and Kenzo admitted that he and Kamille are attracted to each other. Kenzo said he knows it’s wrong but that, “Masyado (po akong) nadadala sa moment.” He confessed, however, that his biggest deterrent in pursuing Kamille is that she has a boyfriend.

Kenzo said he is disgusted with himself because he’s not the sort of person who wouldn’t respect a man and his relationship. Kenzo thanked Kuya for serving as a “reminder.”