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Kuya introduces four new housemates
On Pinoy Big Brother 737, it’s the housemates first day at Kuya’s house. The first ones to come in are Ryan, Jimboy and Kenzo. Ryan felt “out of place” with the boys that’s why he sat it out in a corner, not talking.

However, Ryan came to life when the second set of housemates came in, namely: Barbie, Kamille and Bailey. He instantly bonded with the girls.

Ailah, who is a Muslim from Bacolod came next, but Kuya had to make her stay at the confession room, because the other housemates had to do something so they could meet Ailah.

Kuya gave a 737 task to the housemates. In 7 minutes and 37 seconds, they had to ride a rotating platform and unlock a combination of numbers. These numbers will be used to open the confession room. The six housemates failed to see the fourth number, but they were able to guess it.

Barbie and Kamille were then able to go to the confession room to meet Ailah. They were given an orientation on the ways of Muslims and they were tasked to teach the other housemates regarding this. In the given guideline by Kuya, it says that Muslims pray five times a day and they face to the west when praying. They were also told to respect the Holy Bible and the Koran.

In an interview with Kuya, Ailah’s Mom begged Kuya to not make Ailah do something that is unbecoming of a Muslim. While crying she told Kuya that there are a lot of Muslims asking why Ailah had to join PBB737, where she will be seen on national TV.

And because it’s Father’s day weekend, the housemates received food from their families and also letters from their dads. Well, not all of them. Kamille and Barbie didn’t receive letters from their Dads. Barbie went to Kuya to tell him about her missing letter, saying maybe her Dad really didn’t want to send her any. Apparently, this is a sensitive topic for Barbie. She said she misses her Dad because she hasn’t seen him a lot since her parents separated.

Just when the housemates thought they’ve met all the housemates, four other housemates entered Kuya’s house, namely: Kyle from San Juan, Zonia from Albay, Franco from Albay and Ylona from Australia. Will the newcomers jive easily with the other housemates?