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Kenzo talks about his PBB experience, reveals his teen Big Winner
In an exclusive interview with PinoyBigBrother.com, evicted housemate Kenzo shared that his most memorable experience inside Big Brother’s house was taking on the “beads” task that he did to help his helper. “So far, masasabi kong ‘yun yung pinakamahirap na task na kailangan kong gawin pati na rin para kay Jimboy at Ylona. Talagang kung hindi man siya mukhang nakakapagod sa TV, sobrang draining niya kapag ikaw na talaga ang gumagawa and talagang you just motivate yourself and may times na talagang magi-give up na ako and then I remember why I started it in the first place,” he said, adding that what motivated him to continue was that he can help someone.

When asked about the biggest lessons his learned, the Astig Athlete ng Quezon City replied, “The biggest lesson is definitely to be more understanding as a person. More appreciative with what I have and more sensitive with the feelings of others.” Moreover, he said, “Ever since I exited Big Brother’s house, I realized na I’m more careful with the things I say, I’m more careful with the things I do and I take into consideration talaga how people would feel in everything I say or do.”

What will he miss the most about his PBB experience? “Our meals together kasi ‘yun lang siguro ‘yung time na nagsasama kaming lahat. I always look forward to that, everyone being on the same table, eating, nagtatawanan, naghihiritan. I feel as though isa ako doon sa mga kuya kaya kapag nakita ko silang lahat na kumakain na nagsasama-sama kami sa dining table, napapangiti na lang ako, sobrang saya ko.”

Kenzo, who said that he has no regrets, said that he is proud of what he has become after joining the reality show, “When I look back, ang daming experiences na naisip ko na wow, nagawa ko pala ‘yun, na kaya ko pala ‘yun. And, it really makes me happy knowing that I also changed for the better as a person.”

When asked about his teen Big Winner, Kenzo immediately answered Jimboy. “’Yan palagi ang sagot ko, Jimboy. Because number 1, he is the most sincere person in the house. Siya ‘yung may paninindigan and totoo siyang tao. Everyone loves Jimboy. Why? Because he’s sincerely a nice person. Gusto niyang makatulong palagi and palagi niyang iniisip ‘yung ibang tao. And hindi siya maarte, hindi siya tamad. What else can you look for? He has the traits easily of a Big Winner.”