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Kenzo explains to Kuya why he is helping Bailey
On Pinoy Big Brother 737 last night, Kuya asked the punished housemates to create a rap and for them to perform it successfully. Jimboy penned it and they practiced as a group.

However, the rap is in Filipino and it was very challenging for Bailey to say the Filipino words. The housemates painstakingly helped him get every word right.

Kenzo, despite being tired from repeating the stanza multiple times, was very patient with Bailey and helped him until he got it right. The housemates were then released from their punishments.

Later in the confession room, Kuya asked Kenzo why he showed dedication in helping Bailey.

Kenzo said he felt Bailey was feeling left out because most housemates talked in Filipino. Kenzo knew how difficult it is to feel left out because as the only boy in his family with four older sisters, he also felt left out when he was growing up, because his sisters would talk of girly and adult stuff, which he didn’t understand.

He also became the man of the house when his parents separated and he was protective of his sisters. He said he liked being responsible for them, which is why he feels responsible for Bailey now. Kenzo also became emotional because he misses his sisters.