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Kamille, Zonia, Ryan and Ylona are up for eviction this week
In another twist in the Pinoy Big Brother nomination process, the housemates were told that instead of choosing who they want to leave the house they will state who they want to stay. What made this more difficult is that they will say their choice in front of all the other housemates.

Jimboy, Kenzo, Franco and Kyle got pretty even with the number of 'to stay' votes while Zonia, Bailey, Ylona did not get any votes, which made them nominees for the week. Ryan and Kamille also joined the three in the LigTask challenge as they both only got two points a piece, making them low scorers too.  

Bailey was able to save himself from eviction this week by getting the highest number of points in the piggy bank challenge.

Ryan, Kamille, Zonia and Ylona became this week's official nominees.

To save your favorite housemate, text BB <name of housemate> and send to 2366.