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Kamille, Ylona, Zonia and Jimboy went on an outdoor adventure
On PBB 737, the housemates clicked the big tablet’s app which allows them to go on an outdoor adventure in exchange of one battery. However, only four of them will be able to avail the offer.

Hence, in order to determine who will be the lucky four, the housemates went under colorful containers. If slime comes out of the container above them, they will stay inside the house but if confetti fall down, they will join the outdoor adventure.

In the end, Kamille, Ylona, Zonia and Jimboy, were among the four people to hit the beach. They went kayaking and rode on jet skis, banana boats and fly boards which helped them in their weekly task.

Meanwhile, Franco, Kenzo, Bailey and Enchong decided to clean the house while grooving to the tunes that Big Brother played.

When they were informed of the take-out food delivery app being available in exchange of another battery, Enchong thought of ordering Lechon so that they can keep it and even cook dishes such as Lechon Paksiw. However, Bailey got excited when he saw a picture of munchkins that he ordered it.

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