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Kamille, Ylona and Franco are nominees for eviction
On PBB 737, Bailey used the giant tablet’s Ligtas app in order to save himself from getting nominated for eviction this week.

With the help of their loved ones, the housemates voted their nominees for eviction.

Housemate     1 point              2 points
Bailey             Jimboy              Kamille
Franco            Kenzo                Ylona
Kenzo             Kamille              Franco
Jimboy           Ylona                Kamille
Kamille           Kenzo                Franco
Ylona             Jimboy              Kenzo

At the end of the nomination process, both Franco and Kenzo got 4 points, Kamille got 5 while Ylona garnered 3 points.

As usual, Big Brother gave the nominated housemates a chance to save themselves through a LigTask challenge.

Celebrity house guest Enchong Dee will throw questions about himself to the nominees who will then look for the answers written in blocks at the bottom of the swimming pool. The first one to get four points will win the round.

In the end, Kenzo won the LigTask challenge, excluding him from the list of nominees for this week’s eviction to be held on August 5, Wednesday.